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Green Bay is a city in and the county seat of Brown County in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, located at the head of Green Bay, a sub-basin of Lake Michigan, at the mouth of the Fox River. It is located 581 feet (177 m) above sea level and 112 miles (180 km) north of Milwaukee. The population was 104,057 at the 2010 census. Green Bay is the third-largest city in the state of Wisconsin, after Milwaukee and Madison, and the third-largest city on the west shore of Lake Michigan, after Chicago and Milwaukee. Green Bay is home to the National Football League team Green Bay Packers.

Green Bay, Wisconsin gets its name from its picturesque location at the head of Green Bay, part of Lake Michigan. This waterfront town is one of the oldest European settlements in the United States. French fur trader Jean Nicolet established a small trading post there in 1634, and Jesuit missionaries set up camp in the same area in 1671. There were no permanent settlers though until 1765, when Canadian war chief Charles de Langlade relocated his family to the site. He is considered the founder and father of Wisconsin.

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Green Bay continued to build its economy on the fur trade until it became a state in 1848. At this time, there was a shift towards the timber industry. The Chicago and Northwestern railroad, which arrived in the 1860s, opened up new business and trade opportunities for the Wisconsin locale. Today Green Bay is an industrial city with several paper and meatpacking plants. Its many museums, idyllic outlook, and proud sporting heritage also bring many tourists to the area. Whether you’re a resident or a visiting collector, let Bullion Trading LLC be your guide to the city’s Cuban link chains and men’s gold necklaces dealers.

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