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Roanoke City men's gold necklacesRoanoke is a city of about 100,000 people in the southern state of Virginia. As one of the United States’ 13 original colonies, Virginia is brimming with cities and towns that are rich in American history. Roanoke is no exception. Back in 1852, when it was still unchartered territory, it was known as “Big Lick.” The name “Roanoke” replaced “Big Lick” in 1874 when the town received recognition as a legal entity. Today, Roanoke is one of many “independent” Virginia cities, meaning that a specific county does not govern it.

Roanoke’s historical role in the development of the U.S railroad industry is well-documented at the O. Winston Link Museum, a tourist attraction that features photographs and other memorabilia from the 1850s. Visitors and residents enjoy Roanoke’s natural beauty at the lakeside trails of the Carvins Cove Natural Reserve and the riverside recreation corridor at Roanoke Valley Greenways. In addition to these sites of historical interest and natural beauty, Roanoke features a culture-rich city life with shopping, theaters, and many museums.

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men's gold necklaces Roanoke City

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Cuban Link Chain

Local necklaces dealers in Roanoke, Virginia

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