Featured Chain 11 – Fabolous

Only somebody that is a true baller might get away with something so outrageous, with is what Fabolous did. If you want individuals to purchase into your clothes line, this is the method to catch them, and keep people talking.

You can go classy, and fresh, developing something distinct. Fabolous went the 2nd path, and he went renowned because of it. Creating a diamond studded, Cuban chain holding, white and yellow gold monstrosity Fabolous embedded his Rich Yung line in infamy.

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Featured Chain 10 – Method Man, II

Meth has actually had multiple variations for the upside down Wu for several years, and looking for pictures of it proves that something its not the material, or the bling, or the ice, and even the chain that it holds on. Its the male, and the design that makes it unique.

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Oh, and also having each lavishly developed piece being worth thousands, upon thousands of dollars.

Method Man has already appeared on this list, and he truly appears on it again with a chain that is hip hop history: the Upside Down Wu-Chain. “You could never ever record the Method Mans stature, for rhyme and for rapture” he when famously rapped, and the solid gold chain is simply that. Strong gold. Really little ice. A minimum of for the original chain.

Featured Chain 9 – Beanie

When people talk about the finest chains representing the very best labels, names like Rocafella, No Limit, Death Row, and Dipset get tossed around. When the kids are done talking, the real icons begin gradually letting everyone know they need to not be forgotten.

Get In State Property, as hung around the neck of Beanie Sigel. You might believe youre hard, but then when you have 18k gold hanging around your neck on an equally ice chain you do not have to guess. Everybody understands youre hard.

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Beanie went the path of simple sophistication on this $35,000 chain, representing his label in State Property. Its insane, and its famous.

Featured Chain 8 – Birdman

Birdman made that dream come real, with his Cash Money Records Chain. New Orleans hip hop beat down the door, and it did it on the neck of Birdman and Cash Money Records.

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When you get in the hip hop chain game, you either build up to a statement, gradually including pieces and making yourself iconic … or you come out swinging. No one came out swinging rather like Cash Money Records did in their first video.

Featured Chain 7 – Shawty Lo

All that you require to learn about the famous status of Shawtys chain is that when people first saw it they were revolted. Then they desired it. That holds true street cred.

The whole chain was a dangerous relocation to take, and Shawty not just pulled it off, however he shows why limits need to be pushed. Matched by an icy chain, some might believe this is going to far. We state it not just went far enough, it in fact complimented the other chains he had hanging from his neck.

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Featured Chain 6 – Bun B

If you hear the word “trill” you understand for a truth that you are listening to Bun B. The Dirty South legend of course then had to make a chain that defines “trill” and shows why he is the informal mayor of Houston. Hanging the 10 Commandments from his neck, Bun lets the world know that he is bring the laws of man and life with him at all times.

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The lettering on this $40,000 piece compliments it well. Its raised, not inscribed, giving it an outstanding 3-D touch. Hanging on thick gold, and silver ropes Bun proves that the yellow and white diamond piece is a legend in the hip hop chain world.

This isnt a common accessory for an ordinary male. This is Bun pressing the borders when again, and showing the world what “trill life” means. The chains, and the man, are a true OG.

Featured Chain 4: Chamillionaire

Featured Chain 4: Chamillionaire

VIA http://myfirstclasslife.com/ There are two techniques towards creating an iconic
hip hop chain. You can either make a huge supper plate that lets the world know how much cash you have due to its overindulgence, or you can go the path that Chamillionaire did. Holding$100,000 worth of worth, Chamillionaires Chameleon Chain shines bright with that equal worth of diamonds. It holds double rows of solitaire diamonds, on a diamond stud chain, and whats more was completely genuine. Chamillionaires chain happened when most rap artists were using fake diamond stud chains due to their cost. Debuting in 2008 and made by King Johnny, Chamillionaires ice changed the game by not just integrating the ice typically discovered in hip hop chains, however also by putting it on a scale that a lot of related to strong gold medallions. Chamillionaires chain was big, it was flashy, and it was fantastic.

Featured Chain 3: Ghostface Killah

Featured Chain 3: Ghostface Killah

Maybe nothing summarize the excesses of hip hop chains much better than one that was celebrated in an action figure. Ghostface Killah, among the core members of the hip hop shaolin warriors of the Wu Tang Clan, had a chain that was so large it could not be included on just his neck. Combining a supper plate sized Versace Medallion hanging short on his neck, with an Eagle Bracelet on his wrist Ghostface dared the world to top him. Continuously referenced in his tunes, Ghostface would ultimately celebrate the $75,000 worth of gold in his infamous action figure:

via http://images.complex.com The plate itself deserved over$40,000, with
the other $35,000 contained in the chain. This isnt even speaking about the worth of the golden eagle. The chain itself had a bad ending, as it was ultimately taken by a janitor. Ghostface would ultimately replace the plate with another infamous chain, but nothing could come close to topping the initial.

Featured Chain 2: Cam’ron

Featured Chain 2: Cam’ron

by means of http://thesource.com Representing the infamous globe in the

movie Scarface, Cam rons Globe Chain is an icon in hip hop. Combined with the rest of Camrons ice, the chain represents$75,000 hanging on his neck. The Globe itself is absolutely nothing however genuine diamonds. The story behind the Globe is fascinating as it initially was not being produced Cam ron however for an unnamed football player. When the player decided that the Globe was too large, Gabriel Jacobs team at Rafaello & Co. included custom-made work and presented it to Camron. With the addition to the HARLEM WORLD writing surrounding the world, it became a part of hip hop history. The Globe itself is likewise well-known for being battery operated, and completely operational. This was a first for hip hop jewelry, and is seen in pieces used by Chris Brown and others today. In a race versus who had the finest ice, Cam ron won with a piece that was more than just a huge block of ice.

Featured Chain 1: Method Man

Featured Chain 1: Method Man

Welcome to a new series here at Cuban Link Chains supplied by Bullion Trading, LLC. One of the most renowned chains in hip hop, Method Man debuted his Ice Pick Chain in the year 2000. Meths chain hasnt been seen in years, as its been rumored that he had actually the chain melted down into another one, however the Ice Pick Chain is an iconic chain in the history of hip-hop.