Floyd Mayweather Has Some Words For Artists Who Rap About Drugs — What’s Your Response?

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Even in the old days, rapping about flashy clothing, cars, jewelry, and cash was common. Its part of what defines our music.

Floyd Mayweather has remained in the headlines a lot lately. Hes no complete stranger to debate, and his profession has brought to life countless highlight reels– both inside the ring, and out. His garbage talking game is just as strong as his glove game, and hes never ever been one to avoid a microphone.

Floyds coming out of retirement to box Conor McGregor, a UFC super star who has been nipping at the all-time boxing fantastics heels for the much better part of two years for a bout. That superfight has actually been dominating the headlines of late, but its not the factor Floyds landed himself in the news today.

The super star boxer has gone on record to throw shade at the music industry– more specifically, certain hip-hop artists who outright motivate making use of heavy drugs in their music, and he let it all out to air during an interview on “The Whoolywood Shuffle,”

But with that comes lyrical material about violence, and drugs. Its here where Floyd, an incredibly athlete with excellent cause to do not like substance abuse, gets off the boat– in spite of his close ties to many in the rap community.

Theres always been something of a taboo surrounding modern rap music. Its obvious that a few of the markets most popular artists have actually had tough lives. Lots of have had rough upbringings, frequently growing up in, and leaving from, a few of the most unforgiving and harmful ghettos in our country.

Nobodys dropped any names, however you wont have to look too tough to find a couple of rappers Floyds had off-and-on friendships with. Its anyones guess.

” Now its OKAY to be an addict,” Mayweather said. “This is crazy that its OKAY to O.D. on drugs, its OK to take any drugs now, its OK to be a junkie.”

The content of some rappers music, and their lyrics, represent this. Their battle, their hustle to conquer that battle, and the success some of them discover are a huge part of their music.

When you go back and really listen to the legendary rappers, this is ageless music. People like Biggie, people like Pac, timeless music,” said Mayweather.

Regardless, Floyds thrown a few shots, however remains concentrated on his upcoming bout with Conor McGregor.

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Floyd Mayweather has been in the headlines a lot recently. He likewise got classic for the days when rap had more lyrical compound. When you go back and really listen to the legendary rappers, this is ageless music. Men like Biggie, people like Pac, classic music,” said Mayweather.

Theres constantly been something of a taboo surrounding modern-day rap music.