How Do I Keep My Gold Plated Jewelry Clean?

It looks almost as good as the pure things– after all, its not too distant a cousin, and lots of folks actually prefer gold plated fashion jewelry to going full-blown on costs. Generally the precious jewelry simply has a heavier, more durable metal than gold below a thin layer of the genuine stuff. Its a bit much easier to preserve, less expensive, and you wont have a heart attack when you undoubtedly scratch or taint it.

( through )Weve talked a little bit about the differences between gold jewelry and gold plated fashion jewelry before. If youre looking to dress to the nines and display a little shine without paying the premiums related to pure silver or gold, buying gold plated or hollow jewelry is one method to save a few dollars.

Were going to take a look at some quick suggestions and techniques utilized by people all over the world to look after their gold plated fashion jewelry. Before we do, listen up:

These pointers are specifically for gold PLATED jewelry. There are separate maintenance procedures for pure gold. Dont try any of this things on your real gold! Bring your metal to us or a jeweler in your location if youre not sure of what you have. Well inform you precisely what youve got, and how to take care of it!

Initial step:

Its important to let the fashion jewelry completely dry prior to wearing it, due to the fact that any wetness trapped between it and your skin will just put you back at square one, with taint. Even worse– this is when jewelry is most susceptible to leaving those nasty green rings on your finger that stay there after removal.

Mix the soap in with the water till its one solution, and soak your jewelry in the option for a couple of minutes. About a half hour must suffice– soapy water will work its way into the fractures and crevices in your jewelry, loosening up any grit or grime thats been lodged there.

Wetness such as the oils on our fingers, the water in the air, and our health products all speed up the rate in which our precious jewelry weakens. When it comes to gold plated fashion jewelry, however, a little small amounts makes typical water and dish soap a perfectly acceptable cleaning solution.

If your fashion jewelry has glued-in stones of any kind, its for that factor we likewise advise skipping this step. Those pieces need to never be left underwater, because the solution may loosen up the glue used to keep your stones in location. If you have stones in your jewelry, youre cleaning up more than one product, so youll have to take additional care to look into the very best cleaning techniques for your specific piece. Well touch more on how to tidy jewelry with stones in it down below.


[caption id="attachment_3118" align="alignnone" width="500"] ( via )If youre going to by hand clean up the fashion jewelry, use the proper technique. Older, worn fashion jewelry with lots of grit on it might be a candidate for something as durable as a tooth brush. Typically, we do not advise something that coarse. A toothbrush can in fact pull the gold plating directly off your jewelry, providing it a sandpapery, dull look.


[caption id="attachment_3114" align="alignnone" width="700"] ( via After youve offered your gold plated precious jewelry a wash, its time to save it. This is where a lot of folks go wrong– they leave their fashion jewelry sitting out in the open air. Its an easy error to make, however all informed, it only serves to damage your fashion jewelry.

You absolutely do not desire that, so go with a light, soft fabric (something you may clean your spectacles with), and gently polish your precious jewelry after soaking it in dishwashing machine. Unique brushes exist for this purpose also– the bristles have to do with as soft as a shave gel brush.

We suggest taking your metals and keeping them in an airtight ziplock bag, a precious jewelry box, or inside soft bits of cloth. The reason is basic– keeping wetness out is the top thing you can do to assist keep your precious jewelry tarnish-free. By keeping wetness far from it, youll extend the lifetime of the fashion jewelry, especially its look, by a fantastic offer.

A warm water rinse after the reality will get rid of stated dirt. Now, your fashion jewelry is prepared for a manual cleansing.

You can purchase chalk, silica gel pellets (those small bags that seem like theyre full of little pebbles that come with brand-new shoes), or no-tarnish strips to save together with your fashion jewelry. These items all serve the very same function– they attract and absorb any moisture that comes up to your precious jewelry.

Heres what you do. Fill a bowl with warm water. Not hot water, but something warm from the tap. Because quick temperature level changes can harm your fashion jewelry, the reason warm water works best is. If you wish to get additional cleanliness points, you can utilize filtered water or club soba. Club soda works well, too.

What about jewelry with gemstones?

You can follow the above actions, only wet a cloth with a percentage of water and tidy the fashion jewelry as carefully as you can. A jewelry brush or a comparable soft-haired brush is ideal for cleaning up the area around the gemstone. Simply make sure to utilize something that wont tarnish the piece or scratch, otherwise its defeating the function.

[caption id="attachment_3115" align="alignnone" width="700"] ( through These pieces can still be cleaned utilizing a few of the exact same products, however you have to be additional cautious to never ever submerge this precious jewelry in water. Corrosive options such as ammonia and alcohol will harm your stones.

So, thats the cleansing procedure. Theres more handy details you can use– here are some fast suggestions for well-rounded proper care of your gold plated fashion jewelry.

[caption id="attachment_3119" align="alignnone" width="700"] ( by means of It wont always. In some cases jewelry is so filthy, possibly because of its age, that it requires a cleansing a lot more extreme than the one youre offering it with simply water and meal soap.

Dishwater didnt do the trick …

Dont do this with brand-new precious jewelry– youll scratch the metal! If your fashion jewelry is more grit and gunk on the surface area than it is gold plating, this is an okay method to go.

Immersing your fashion jewelry in boiling water permits really fast-moving particles (thats what heat is!) to enter the fractures and knock loose all the dirt and gunk lodged there.

General ideas.

[caption id="attachment_3130" align="alignnone" width="500"] (through

We dont advise using these approaches for all precious jewelry, and certainly rarely– however there are some “deep tidy” strategies you can utilize for precious jewelry thats more in requirement of life assistance than a journey to the makeup table.

1. Store the fashion jewelry in a dry, secure location. Fabric is preferable.
2. Alcohol will eliminate grit and dirt, however prevent using it on pieces with gems.
3. Do not utilize bleach! Or anything you d put into a swimming pool, either.
4. Gemstones are really fragile and ought to never ever enter into contact with chemicals that arent particularly authorized for that particular kind of stone.
5. Perfumes, shampoos, soaps– theyre terrific for us, but not for our jewelry. If you put this stuff on, and it gets onto your fashion jewelry, you should clean up the metals instantly. This things all harms a piece of precious jewelrys covering.
6. Do not use your fashion jewelry while swimming or working out. Some fashion jewelry can handle the swim, others cant. A great guideline would be to take your precious jewelry off prior to jumping in the pool. Before exercising, its really essential to take your jewelry off. The sweat from your body is a very effective representative when it pertains to staining and rusting your fashion jewelry.
7. Avoid coarse, rough brushes unless the piece youre utilizing is in desperate need of it, and “beautiful” condition is no longer possible.
8. If youre not sure, last however not least– bring your metals to a jewelry expert. They d be more than delighted to point you in the best instructions.

When it comes to gold plated jewelry, nevertheless, a little moderation makes regular water and dish soap a perfectly appropriate cleaning option.

( through )If youre going to by hand clean up the fashion jewelry, utilize the proper technique. ( through After youve given your gold plated jewelry a wash, its time to keep it. ( through These pieces can still be cleaned up using some of the exact same materials, but you have to be extra cautious to never submerge this fashion jewelry in water. Theres more handy information you can put to use– here are some fast suggestions for well-rounded proper care of your gold plated jewelry.

Those are some helpful suggestions on how to clean up, use, keep, and keep your gold plated precious jewelry. Got your own? Let us understand in the remarks listed below!