Quarantine Connection — Jewelry Purchases that Comforted Us All

Amulets, talismans and things that appear dug up from the Aegean Sea. Irina Oktar made the malachite hamsa and sea urchin, Tinakris is the source for the aquamarine pendant, Emily Marquis made the tiny amethyst scarab and the blue quartz pendant is from LayeredCharms. Oh and the small meander lock is from Marla Aaron however thats not a Quarantine purchase.

In times of unknown or uncertainty, sometimes it is something as easy as a piece of jewelry that helps heal, comfort and connect all of us. Ive observed a pattern…… a small rise in interest in jewelry, whether thats for instructional or purchasing purposes Im not exactly sure, however individuals are flocking for precious jewelry and my site is frequently a landing indicate jump off from. Whereas the majority of people are complaining about Instagrams algorithm and losing fans, Gem Gossip has sustained a remarkably big extra audience over these previous couple of months, a number of whom have actually personally reached out. They specified that, as a hobby throughout quarantine, great jewelry and antique precious jewelry ended up being a big interest for them. Ive had the enjoyment of inviting these newbies and assisting them discover by mentioning some of my favorite article Ive composed over the previous 12 years (oh yeah, my blog site anniversary is this month). Anyway, Ive acquired (perhaps) more than what I typically purchase in regards to personal pieces of fashion jewelry for my collection in the last few months and it got me believing…… and — asking — anybody else??
I presented the open submissions on my Instagram Story — — show me your quarantine purchases! Tell me 3-5 sentences about it or them. My inbox was right away flooded. People were gushing over their finds, adamantly positive and so proud about purchasing a high-end product throughout a pandemic. What does that state about jewelry? Well I believe it says a lot, however for one, the impact that fashion jewelry has on the mind/body/soul…… very crucial. A typical theme that I saw when checking out over all these submissions: people are buying pieces that really resonate. These pieces advise you of liked ones, function as a talisman, or celebrate turning points.
Thrilled to share some listed below and all this week Ill be sharing in my Stories on Instagram (so follow me on there if youre not already following):.

During quarantine I found a brand-new hobby in enjoying online live auctions – – which goes extremely well with my biggest pastime: antique fashion jewelry. This beautiful antique cluster ring I combated for and won in an auction. It contains over a carat of old cut diamonds, including my really first old mine cut diamond. The old mine cut is my outright favourite for diamonds – – or any other gemstone. The ring itself is perfect for me also: it is my exact ring size and not too flowery, I am not into the normal daisy rings. I like how this ones shape looks rather like a crown than like a flower that stands for innocence.

Quarantine purchases – – Im simply starting gathering great precious jewelry and Ive made way a lot of purchases throughout quarantine!
Quarantine has actually given me the time to inspect out more precious jewelry Instagram accounts and search for things on my dream list! Simply had to include that you are the first fashion jewelry account I began following a long time ago and youve influenced me significantly!

Pendants by Loren Nicole, bought after her inspiring Gemflix talk revealing how she granulates gold! These are both custom-made for my partner and I, she was explore putting granulation under rock crystal, and she sourced the hessonite garnet for me! Now I simply require a chain…….

, however I wanted to send out in a couple pieces that Ive added to my collection, besides the ones Ive bought from you. Ive enjoyed gathering birthstone precious jewelry because I was a kid, and even more so now given that my kids were born. Being in quarantine, I finally took a look at what was in my jewelry box, and it sparked my wanting to include more significant and distinct pieces to my collection, that I could also pass down to my kids someday.

My favorite quarantine jewelry purchase has to be this amazing Art Deco watch! It has the juiciest sapphire cab on its stem and a face made of white gold.

My quarantine purchases were a mix of sentimentality, whimsy, and obviously a bit of morbidity. All my feelings throughout this insane time.

These three charms represent 3 concepts I felt I needed to concentrate on during quarantine: arrow for direction and moving on, cornicello for protection and the anchor for hope. These pieces are from Circa1700, Samantha Knight Jewelry and Gemstonegypsy.

@nine. golden.rings.
I wanted a piece of fashion jewelry including a swan as a method to capture all those memories and bring a part of them with me. While looking for just the best vintage gold pendant to have actually engraved, the girls at Market Square Jewelers found it for me and had their unbelievable engraver bring my concepts to life.

My preferred quarantine jewelry purchase has to be this amazing Art Deco watch! Quarantine has offered me the time to examine out more precious jewelry Instagram accounts and search for things on my dream list!

Its been a really mariner link bracelet quarantine for me. I didnt think anything might top the Cartier France charm on the bottom, however then I stumbled onto the French sapphire and diamond charm. Its the last thing I d have gone trying to find– a lot more gemmy and fragile than my other bracelets– however Im obsessed with it.

@j3n. j3ms.
The brooch is truly special to me – – it became part of the #jewelsforchange 2020 auctions, and I enjoy how the neighborhood has actually rallied!
The Art Deco lines and calibre cut amethysts make my heart sing, and I was fortunate to find a set of earrings on Ross-Simons that go perfectly !! You presented me to the company, and these earrings match the look completely and the rate point was guilt-free!
Last, bought myself a set of 9mm pearls (from Pearl Paradise) to celebrate a new job!

I bought the black onyx ring from you with matching earrings and the beautiful amethyst pansy ring of my dreams from @songbirdsarajewelry. I wanted the pansy ring back in September but another person beat me to it and then didnt follow through with their layaway payments !!! Was a button.

Classic, two-color 18k, previous Cartier designer Dinh Van, paperclip chain, a bracelet and/or a locket, this corona quarantine spend lavishly simply ticked all the boxes. It adds a little French cool to my life every day and I will never regret buying it.
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I spent my 40th birthday in quarantine. So I got a green gold Marla Aaron lock to honor “the lockdown birthday.”.

This was my lockdown birthday gift to myself. American gold from 1900s. Love it as the eagle is among my spirit animals and she is so welcoming of her spirit. (I turn down the Hebe/Zeus parallel as I simply find the gods so amoral lol) also she looks like a mermaid so its a memento to check out the heights and the depths! Boom!

A commemorative piece in memory of my granddad, a devoted gardener, smart & & caring soul made by the extremely gifted @dianapops.

A repurposed 9 k Victorian chain with a classic turquoise square surrounded by sterling silver with 4 Victorian diamonds. Its such a modern-day take using Victorian products and its so comfortable to wear Ive discovered me reaching for it nearly everyday considering that I acquired it specifically on days I do not leave your house.

Ive observed a trend…… a small rise in interest in fashion jewelry, whether thats for academic or purchasing functions Im not sure, but people are flocking for precious jewelry and my website is frequently a landing point to leap off from. They mentioned that, as a pastime during quarantine, great fashion jewelry and antique precious jewelry became a big interest for them. Being in quarantine, I finally took a look at what was in my fashion jewelry box, and it sparked my wanting to add more distinct and significant pieces to my collection, that I could also pass down to my kids someday.

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