Q & A with Zenobia Morrow of SevenJune Jewelry

As I got deeper into the industry, I wished to have something that was for myself, as a little side task. I had great buddies who were getting wanted or engaged guidance about acquiring precious jewelry in general. It really simply started with people asking me for various things due to the fact that they comprehended I operated in the market, they comprehended me, and they understood I was a specific they might rely on.
Its been considered that 2018 that I started actually focusing on my own service. While I was still Nader, I was doing this on the side, however I knew ultimately that it was something I wished to have as my own thing.
Whats your most popular piece, and why do you believe its been so successful?
I had a heap of gold hoops on the website in different sizes, and they were my most considerable seller even if thats what I had. I would say earrings in general are always a huge seller because, while they can be a self-purchase, you can likewise buy earrings as a present for somebody else. And the pattern now is several ear piercings, so people always need earrings.
SevenJune offers a concierge service, which may consist of assistance curating a precious jewelry collection. What do you consider prior to helping a customer choose pieces for their collection?
This is a genuinely interesting part of what I do, the valuable jewelry concierge and the fashion jewelry styling. I have certain clients who have actually patronized me for numerous pieces, so I understand what they have in their collection and I can in fact motivate them on what to add next. Ill ask them to send me images of any fine precious fashion jewelry they have.
How do you want to feel in your fashion jewelry? It may be someone in fact timeless like Meghan Markle, where whatever is white diamonds, white gold. It simply actually depends on each person, how they wish to feel, and what they want to task.

It seems like you didnt have the connections prior to you chose to go
to GIA, however the program itself used those connections. I certainly I had a lateral network of relationships coming out of GIA. Which was genuinely important because we all had the capability to assist each other.
What was your first job coming out of GIA?
I went straight into the diamond market. I was actually focused not on the fashion precious jewelry part of the market, but straight diamond getting, diamond selling. Thats where I desired to be. There were no Black individuals that I could identify in the market doing that sort of work. That sort of position was quite blocked to us. For women in the market, they type of push you into style jewelry getting, or they press you into design. Those are the kinds of things you typically see females doing. However you do not see a lot of female diamond purchasers– particularly Black, female diamond purchasers. Thats where I wanted to be. I talked to with a diamond house in New York called Nader Kash International. He just had in fact excellent goods, and he was concentrated on elegant shapes. I can be found in and got the task generally running his operations. At the time it was such a little business; he had in fact simply gone out on his own, and he was young. I was there for 8 years, actually establishing the organizational structure of his company. Everyone just grew together. I used and trained his workers. A few of individuals I worked with didnt even understand how to utilize a loupe when they at first came on board, and now theyre running the diamond production! It was a good deal of team-building, and l just discovered a lot about the loose diamond trade.

I like what you said about how a good deal of what we utilize and what we forecast to the world is costuming. Ive never ever really believed about it in that way, however its genuine. It is! You leave your home, and you march into the world, and youre predicting how you wish to be treated, how you wish to be seen. That may be a little different from who you are at home. Its kind of like an armor that we put on.
It makes me question: what do you wish to project to the world with the fashion precious jewelry you utilize every day?
My thing is: Im merely trying to have my appearance together [laughes] I am also a person who lives in my style jewelry. I require pieces that are long enduring. I like a chunky chain. My life is truly go-go-go, and I need valuable fashion jewelry that I do not have to remove all the time. I need pieces that team up so I look well put-together. You can look a bit and feel tired out when youre working really hard. So I need pieces that are basic to utilize and look uncomplicated.
Have you experienced any modifications in your service considering that the pandemic began?
I believe with individuals not being able to take a trip, they had a little bit more expendable income. And although you werent heading out, you perhaps wanted something that made you feel much better about being at home, or made you feel a little bit more elegant in your sweatpants.
I likewise had a good push based upon the brought back interest in purchasing Black. That genuinely assisted my service, having mainstream blog writers and publications wanting to recommend Black jewelry experts and putting my name out there.
That really leads right into my next concern, which was whether you d seen any increased help. So has that support stayed consistent?
Company has in fact been excellent, however I do not understand for sure if thats due to the reality that of the pandemic, or due to the truth that of the Black Lives Matter movement. Whatever was taking place at the very same time. That brought back interest is continuously great, although I would say my main client is from my neighborhood.
I value that.
That does not change? Im making jewelry for us, and Im attempting to help us live the life that we prefer. I desire us to have treasures for our families. Anything outside of that is outstanding, and Im very happy for it. Nevertheless my area has really constantly supported me.

How did your youth in Atlanta affect your love for fashion jewelry? Growing up in Atlanta, I would invest a great deal of time with my mommy on the weekends going to various antique shops all around the city. You could continuously discover me at the precious jewelry counter. A great deal of those pieces are paste or rhinestone, nevertheless there was absolutely an instantaneous tourist attraction to whatever sparkly and unique.
My early intro to precious jewelry was at the antique shop counter, I was a teenager in the early 2000s. This was the age of platinum whatever, iced out whatever, huge Jacob & & & Co. watches, and rap artists raising their precious fashion jewelry with the support of individual jewelry experts like Lorraine Schwartz. I questioned: where were individuals who looked like us in the fashion jewelry market?
You initially studied design at Howard University, repair?
Yes, I transferred to DC and went to Howard and was studying in their arts department– marketing, graphic design. I was in AP art in high school; Ive constantly been a painter and just always had an interest in the arts.

Do you have any guidance for anybody who may have an interest in getting in the great jewelry market?
My assistance would simply be to research study and attempt to establish that lateral community of people within the market. Issa Rae is the person who I initially heard state this; she mentioned we always look for coaches who are making it in organization, and who are where we want to be. Nevertheless we forget our peers. Lateral relationships are truly whats going to help you and whats going to be very important to you. I could not do what Im doing now without my great buddies in the industry. We were all trying to make something happen for ourselves at the extremely exact same time, so we had the ability to teach each other what we comprehended, and help each other, which is just as crucial as having a mentor.
Are you dealing with anything new?
I believe this year I in truth desire to bring more of my own ideas to life when it concerns developing. Presently, the style component of my service is basically relegated to bridal, however I want to focus on a few of my own principles in other style locations.
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Would you state that your art was generally in painting or did you take a look at any other medium? My artwork was primarily painting. At the time I would do a lot of crafty things. I would make envelopes and wallets out of laminated publication pages. I would make little zines. I was just constantly establishing something, and using that creativity to keep myself inhabited.
Do you still paint?
I still paint– I painted all of the paintings in my house. Today, Im truly getting back into photography. I dont have as much time as I utilized to for it, nevertheless.
Do you discover that there are any connections between your art– your paintings, photography– and the fashion precious jewelry that you produce?
There is a link between my paintings and my precious jewelry, whichs really just the aesthetic, due to the fact that Im extremely very little. Im extremely little in my life, and Im very little in my art. I like abstract expressionism and I believe that kind of translates into the style precious jewelry, due to the reality that Im not fussy with my style jewelry, at all. I like to keep the emphasis on the stones. I do not do a great deal of filigree. I dont do a lot of extras; its actually about the stones and the items being the focus.

For lots of new valuable fashion jewelry collectors, figuring out where to begin can be a bit overwhelming, and thats where Zenobia Morrow comes in. I like abstract expressionism and I think that kind of translates into the style jewelry, due to the reality that Im not particular with my style jewelry, at all. My interest in gemology stemmed from constantly having a love of excellent jewelry, but not comprehending how to get involved in a really closed-off, insular world like the fantastic precious fashion jewelry business. I wanted to attempt to figure out the diamond business and the precious fashion jewelry business, and what that indicated. I was actually focused not on the fashion jewelry part of the market, however straight diamond purchasing, diamond selling.

How right after finishing from Howard did you start your gemological research studies at GIA? After Howard, I moved to Dubai for a variety of months. That was an amazing experience. It actually opened my eyes to a various level of high-end and a different lifestyle. They also have a stunning precious jewelry culture– theres a gold market that focuses on high carat gold. In 2008, the economy crashed and I wound up back home in Atlanta for a couple of years prior to I left to go to the GIA.
What identified your choice to study gemology?
My interest in gemology stemmed from constantly having a love of excellent fashion jewelry, however not understanding how to participate in a very closed-off, insular world like the great valuable jewelry company. Outside of my own self-teaching, I didnt really know anything about stones or diamond grading. I believe my mother had a 50-pointer in her engagement ring, but nobody in my family comprehended anything about style jewelry. I wished to try to determine the diamond business and the precious jewelry business, and what that implied. The most basic approach for me to do that was to go an actual program and get those qualifications, considering that the qualifications promote you when you dont have connections in the market– which I didnt.
What was your favorite part about your research studies at GIA?
I studied precious jewelry style and hand making, so that produced some of my painting background. I did the complete Graduate Gemologist program, which begins with diamonds, and after that you discover out how to identify colored stones. The colored stone part of it was genuinely fun, due to the fact that theres such a range of colored stones that I had never ever even become aware of in the past.

For great deals of recently established precious fashion jewelry collectors, figuring out where to begin can be a bit overwhelming, whichs where Zenobia Morrow comes in. A private jewelerand GIA-certified Graduate Gemologist, Morrow is likewise the designer behind SevenJune Jewelry, a vibrant collection of vibrant gold staples and timeless shapes studded with diamonds. Through her custom styles and style jewelry concierge service, Morrow provides her customers the opportunity to finally see
themselves embellished in the approach theyve constantly dreamed. We caught up with Morrow to talk about how rap musics bling visual lead to her interest about the valuable fashion jewelry industry, her journey to GIA, and her trail-blazing occupation as one of the few Black females in the diamond trade.
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