Q & A with Shelly Branch of Particulieres

Do you ever prepare to expand from offering mostly through Instagram, or are you going to remain on Instagram for now?
The old-fashioned side of me states, “If its not broke, do not repair it.” The useful side of me likewise understands I have actually built up a specific brand equity that I must be exploiting even more. At the minute, Im attempting to determine simply how to do that. Whether youre visiting a completely operating site where products are for sale? The response is most likely no. I think that, in this day and age, the buying routines of the general public have significantly shifted, and COVID probably sped that up. A website is an entity floating in area that you need to think of checking out, whereas Instagram is something that people get like their newspaper every day. Im immediately in the view of 10 thousand individuals. If I ever did have a site, it would serve more as a banner for my brand name, and less as a selling platform.

Do you have any advice for Gem Gossip readers about discovering the perfect vintage or antique piece?
I think we all require more beauty in our lives, even if its a little thing like a ring, or a bracelet, thats going to bring some step of joy into our everyday presence. Do not purchase fashion jewelry with an expectation that its going to be more than what it is– a piece of fashion jewelry.
Exists anything you have not shared that you want individuals to learn about you?
I buy everything. I source all of my own pieces. This is my self-funded organization.
The other thing that I must state is that there are numerous pieces of jewelry I offer that you will never ever see on my page. Quite a bit of my task is working as a consultant to my customers. I have existing clients who will state, “Shelly, Im looking for a specific thing.” I had a client who desired an Aldo Cipullo hamsa hand. I went and I found it. For great customers, I will satisfy a specific request such as that. Then I have other clients who trust my eye, but might be gathering a totally various duration from that in which I specialize. I will source pieces for them. Thats end up being a larger piece of my organization, sourcing jewelry for existing clients within my age, however likewise for clients whose taste is different. My focus with Particulieres will remain the same. I dont prepare for that suddenly, I will begin offering Edwardian jewelry. Thats not going to occur. However I have actually continued to learn about different ages and periods in order to much better serve my customers.
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Exists anything that you at first obtained to offer, however loved a lot that you wound up keeping?
Ill offer you a recent example of something I d like to keep, which is this big, geometric Aldo Cipullo for Cartier bracelet that I have. Its such a fantastic example of Aldo Cipullo, who also developed the renowned Love bracelet we were just discussing.
Have you experienced any changes in your business given that the pandemic began?
Everyone freaked out when COVID struck, and it was a truly hard period for me because I had actually just lost my dad to Alzheimers. Whatever was just more tough. Ive constantly been an identified person, so I guess that just kicked in.

You might walk out of your home in a clothing with no other piece of jewelry on, just that bracelet, and everybody is going to discover it. Dont purchase fashion jewelry with an expectation that its going to be more than what it is– a piece of jewelry.
The other thing that I must say is that there are many pieces of precious jewelry I sell that you will never see on my page.

What have your experiences been as a Black dealer in the great precious jewelry industry?
Im uninformed of another Black individual who is selling vintage fashion jewelry at this level, and that in fact distresses me. Many precious jewelry dealers come from a place of having had experience in the market. As an example, one popular ways of obtaining precious jewelry involves online chats.
And thats just one example of business being cliquey and very clubby and sexist and obviously, to some degree, racist. I have had individuals in the [Diamond] District say, “I do not think youre going to purchase anything. I dont desire you in my store. Go out.” Bigotry takes many types. In some cases its subtle, sometimes, its not so subtle. When I would go to fashion jewelry programs, individuals would state “Well, we dont understand you. We cant take your check.” Which is reasonable. I found that I would have to go through 2 or 3 times the obstacles for somebody to take the check. And even then, they would not wish to release the merchandise until the check had cleared, which is unusual. Its been different degrees of that kind of thing.

You started Particulieres after investing seventeen years as a journalist and editor at the Wall Street Journal. Why did you choose to leave journalism?
In the after-effects of the Trump election, I discovered that I was unable to do my job as I saw fit. I d had a good run, and it was high time to do something else. Jewelry kind of occurred.
How did you shift into great fashion jewelry?
It wasnt even a transition. It was a series of coincidences and mishaps. I had actually made several journeys abroad, including to France. On one trip to Paris, I decided I really required an appropriate gold bracelet– which I never discovered, by the method. I have a lot of interest in design and things and art and furniture, so I was just having a merry old time prancing around Paris, breathing in all of these lovely things. I bought some jewelry pieces, nothing awfully expensive. I came home and started to get questions about where I had acquired this fashion jewelry. One wise girl with a store in Greenwich Village summarily demanded that I bring pieces to her store to sell, which I believed was a terrific compliment. It likewise sounded totally ridiculous to me, as I did not have any stock to sell. She insisted, so I headed out and purchased costume inventory. I began selling high-end outfit fashion jewelry in her store in the Village. I understood what my inclinations were when it came to collecting, so I simply naturally gravitated up the scale into fine fashion jewelry. Then I discovered myself gravitating toward a specific era, and ultimately costume precious jewelry left of the formula completely.
For the enjoyable of it, I tossed some pieces up on Instagram. I began believing that it might be interesting to show jewelry in the context of other things that I enjoy. And those were numerous things that I had actually collected: mid-century items, for the many part, consisting of Italian, Swedish, and Danish ceramics, and glass. I felt these pieces complemented one another. My pals in the precious jewelry industry tease me, “How do you constantly have the exact prop?” I have a great deal of crap in my home. Ive been gathering objects permanently. I have the sculpture, the vase, the ceramic box that will complement practically any piece of precious jewelry you can toss my way.

Her inventory consists of signature names in the jewelry world– Aldo Cipullo, Burle Marx, and Elsa Peretti, among others– but also boasts unsigned pieces of noteworthy charm. Serving as a jewelry consultant to her customers, Branch approaches her service with the exact same vitality and intellectual curiosity that sustained her throughout her time as a reporter.
Continue reading to find out how a profession journalist created her own path into the jewelry market, how Particulieres shows Branchs personal aesthetic, and how to discover the ideal vintage piece for your collection.

Since the Black Lives Matter movement ended up being popular earlier this year, some fashion jewelry market experts have pledged their support BIPOC jewelers and precious jewelry designers. Have you discovered any increased support recently?
Its hard for me to state, since there is a line between being a maker and a dealer. I would anticipate that you want to purchase something from me because I have a piece you love.
That said, during the protests, there were some wonderful people who felt the requirement to spotlight Black companies– individuals like Marla Aaron, and the Adventurine, who composed really great pieces about me. That was certainly useful. It drove traffic to my page, and I did acquire new followers who ended up being customers.
What changes do you wish to see in the jewelry industry? What do you believe would be valuable for you?
I do not indicate to be negative, but Ive seen and experienced bigotry on a lot of levels in my life. For me to believe about bigotry as it relates to the precious jewelry world is just a bit tough. It appears like there are numerous areas in society that we have to fix before we can even start to discuss whats happening in the fashion jewelry industry. On Election Day, to see a lot red on the map was disheartening as a Black individual. For all the talk we become aware of leveling the playing field, its just total bullshit till you see actual deeds done, and real progress. And I feel any progress that might have been made has been rolled back a number of years by what has gone on in the social and political environment of the past five, 6 years. Its really difficult for me to filter that down to what can be done in the precious jewelry world. At this point, Im focusing my attention on whats wrong and how I can be part of the solution on the macro level.

You stated earlier that you have to love whatever that you offer. So, is your personal jewelry collection likewise mostly these sort of declaration pieces?
I wish to make a difference. I dont think everything I offer is a declaration piece. Even the Aldo Cipullo bracelet that I simply pointed out– admittedly, thats not something Im going to use every day– however its something that I might wear often. Its not something I visualize its owner keeping in a safe. Its extremely wearable. Its very comfortable. It looks terrific with anything. You might go out of your house in a clothing with no other piece of precious jewelry on, simply that bracelet, and everyone is going to see it. I guess, to that level, it is a statement piece. Its also useful due to the fact that its so wearable. I sell everyday fashion jewelry that you do not have to bother taking off. I believe a lot of my bracelets and rings fall into that category. Part of my personal collection is a smooth-link Georges LEnfant bracelet that I use with my watch. Its from the 1940s, and I just dont take it off. I oversleep it, I shower in it. Its my everyday gem.

Ive seen most of your offerings are pieces from the 1960s, 80s, and 70s. What is it about that time frame that you gravitate toward?
A piece of precious jewelry that you invest in must be something you can wear every day. I feel a lot of jewelry can easily look outdated, even if its brand-new. Maybe its simply since they are pieces that have actually been set aside for a while, and theyre a finding brand-new audience.
I have to beware in what I purchase, and I do own all of my stock. I desire to stress that. Not all precious jewelry dealerships own their own inventory, however I own everything that you see on my page. Its crucial for me to own my stock, since it suggests that when I am getting, I am making a commitment to it. I have to believe in it, since I paid for it. Thats another reason I hope my page has a cohesive feel. Im not just reaching out and getting things on memo from individuals and seeing what adheres to the wall. Im really going out and sourcing pieces that are within my visual window and that I think my consumer base will like. I have to love it. My guideline is: it has to hurt to offer something. I need to feel sad when it leaves me. Otherwise, I feel like Ive refrained from doing my job.

I purchased some jewelry pieces, nothing terribly expensive. I have the sculpture, the vase, the ceramic box that will match simply about any piece of precious jewelry you can toss my way.

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