Detroit Police Open Fire On Hip-Hop Music Video

Detroit Cops

by means of Weve got some crazy news out of Detroit, Michigan. A hip-hop music video shoot was disrupted by none

kind from the city to make their movie. Dan Donakowski, a representative for the Detroit cops, said the suspect the officers fired on appeared to be not only armed, however to be robbing the Aston Martin they were approaching.

aside from the cops, who showed up and opened fire at the stars. They thought it was an authentic live carjacking. Officers appeared to the scene on 6 mile road late
on Saturday, June 10th, to discover a Jeep parked together with an Aston Martin, a popular cars. Authorities state they saw two men bearing down on the parked Aston with what they determined to be weapons. They responded by firing 3 shots. You can see a video of the incident below: Obviously, the stars and filmmakers had no licenses or consent of any

Fortunately, nobody was injured during the event, though all three males shooting the video were positioned under arrest.

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