A History of Hip Hop Jewelry

< map wp-tag-caption id =" attachment_2542" align=" alignnone" width =" 700 "/ wp-end-tag >( by means of bet.com) Weve talked a bit about some of our preferred pieces of jewelry in all of hip hop today. Weve got more coming– exclusives on some of your favorite artists precious jewelry. Anything worth studying has a past worth studying, too. So today, were taking an at-a-glance take a look at the history of hip hop fashion jewelry, and what got us all the way from Grandmaster Flash to 50 Cent. In specific, were looking at how the game has actually impacted the world of precious jewelry and vice versa.

The new sound

When hip hop blew up onto the scene, it brought with it a sense of fashion that was as distinct, memorable, and fresh as the music itself. Not just did hip hop take impact from music categories all over the world to build its brand-new sound, however it did it with mindset. Hip hop rapidly ended up being the voice of a generation– of anyone who was marginalized, unheard, and desired a platform to express themselves in a new and innovative way.

The pioneers of the early 70s and beyond left their mark on the world. We still hear it in the music today, and we still see it in the fashion jewelry our modern artists use.

Hip hop isnt a 90s thing like you may have believed. Oh no, its much older than that. You can trace the roots of your preferred genre all the way back to the very same years where Led Zeppelin ruled supreme.

Humble beginnings

The years gave us some of the greatest, and perhaps most skilled, artists in the history of the game. ( via thinkingsidewayspodcast.com) Once once again, the music developed along with the fashion. The East coast preferred their hoodies, fedoras, track matches, parkas, and started going extremely, very heavy on the jewelry.

The youth of the day brought the clothes to the forefront, too. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, along with other timeless artists, started turning their baseball caps sideways or backwards. Male strapped on the largest beaded precious jewelry and religious stuff they could. Ladies embraced big, gold hoop earrings. Fedoras, leather, and sunglasses (particularly inside your home) followed soon thereafter.

[caption id="attachment_2551" align="alignnone" width="590"]< map wp-tag-caption id =" attachment_2551" align= "alignnone" width =" 590"/ wp-end-tag >( by means of slate.com )Much like Jamaican culture affected style sense in the early 80s, African culture took over for the 90s. Patterns and colors of African origin could be discovered on everything. The extra-large hoop earrings of a few years prior werent extra-large enough. Excess became the name of the game, with Hammer providing us saggy pants and the likes of Flavor Flav, Ice T, Dre, and Snoop gave us oversized jewelry with emblems and medallions (well, in Flavs case, it was a kitchen clock). Rings on every finger became a popular browse this time, and still is in some circles. The good news is, weve left the “hammer pants” behind.

Run DMC had a huge influence on tennis shoe culture. Lots of consider them to be the pioneers of hip hop shoe culture, which is simply as ripe as hip hop jewelry culture. Run DMC left their marks there, too. Their rope intertwined dookie chains are as iconic an image as any.

[caption id="attachment_2547" align="alignnone" width="700"] ( via ichef.bbci.co.uk )Evolution As the music influenced the fashion and evolved, the rap scene ended up being inseparable from the headlines. The block celebration scene was now the nationwide appearance– turntables, samples, loops, beats, and searing vocals were the new “in.”.

It was more major than a lot of people realize– gangs of the day took the rhetoric of the category and ran with it, assisting to establish a still standing taboo about hip hop music and crime. People actually died for the music.

The 80s saw a number of “new school” artists struck the scene. Its funny to consider the likes of Run DMC or LL Cool J, and even the Beastie Boys as “brand-new school” today. Theyre hip hop and rock and roll legends, having changed the music scene and put in influence over thousands of artists to come. Still, in the 80s, they were brand name brand-new. Controversial, even.

The 80s.

[caption id="attachment_2544" align="alignnone" width="700"] ( through villagevoice.com) By the majority of accounts, hip hop got its start in New York City. More specifically, the Bronx. The location typically played host to block parties. These parties would typically include DJs who utilized to sample beats from disco, funk, R&B, and soul music. These brief beats and mashups were already popular in Jamaica, so theres a line of believing that has Jamaicans bringing the early hip hop design with them to 1970s New York. Jamaican music frequently included chants and short bursts of lyrical content over samples, which might have been the genesis of rap.

As the 90s roared on, so did the music. For the very first time ever, things werent all good in the hood. A rivalry in between East coast and West coast artists emerged, and saw the uprising of two completely different handles everything related to rap. The method the music was done, the way the artists acted, dressed, and carried themselves were all split right down the line. Each coast developed its own special and unique rap culture.

The Jamaican style included it, too. The Caribbean look rapidly discovered itself right in your home in the Big Apple, which saw beaded chains, bracelets, beanies, caps, and the like rise in appeal. In specific, yellow, black, green, and red were popular colors, much like they were and are in Jamaica.

The artists of the age are icons now. We all know the names– Public Enemy, MC Hammer, A Tribe Called Quest, Biz Markie, and the Wu Tang Clan– were superstars.

By now, other genres were not only the ingredients of rap culture, however were benefactors of it. Rock, punk, and everything in between took impact from rap. Bands like Rage Against the Machine began to flaunt a heavy favoritism towards fashion jewelry, too.

These artists brought hip hop to the total mainstream. The music kept developing, too, often featuring guitar riffs, funky bass lines, crunching drum interludes and lyrical stylings the likes of which had never ever been seen. ( via billboard.comThrough Its around this time rap started its happy marriage to the sports world, too.

The 90s.

Its around this time that Eminem, together with other late 90s greats, brought hip hop into the brand-new millennium.

Many consider the late 80s and early 90s to be the specifying years of hip hop. Some call it the golden era of rap. The category had never ever been bigger, boasting celeb status formerly taken pleasure in by a relatively small group of rock megastars. For the very first time, and just a brief decade after its inception, hip hop music discovered itself atop all the charts. Hip hop-only television stations turned up. There were hip hop award ceremonies, and home name recognition. Everyone understood what rap was, whether they liked it or not.

Hercs clothing, music, and fashion jewelry were all the rage.

Here at house, running suits, bell bottoms, and huge “disco” sunglasses were all the rage. If you want to see a personification of the timeless Bronx hip hop pioneer look, take a gander at one of the earliest heads in the book: none other than DJ Kool Herc.


[caption id="attachment_2542" align="alignnone" width="700"]< map wp-tag-caption id =" attachment_2542" align=" alignnone" width =" 700 "/ wp-end-tag >( via by means of) Weve talked a little bit about some of our favorite pieces of jewelry precious jewelry all of hip hop right now. Not just did hip hop take influence from music genres all over the world to construct its brand-new sound, but it did it with attitude. ( via villagevoice.com) By most accountsMany hip hop got its start in New York City. Many consider them to be the pioneers of hip hop shoe culture, which is simply as ripe as hip hop jewelry culture. ( by means of thinkingsidewayspodcast.com) Once again, the music developed together with the fashion.

Theres no telling where the rap video game is headed next.

The likes of Eminem, 50 Cent, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nelly, and others kept rap in the mainstream. (via teambackpack.net)

The brand-new millennium altered everything, and the history of hip hop was permanently cemented in stone. The craft still continues to alter with every passing day.

The style, while constantly changing, still plainly features much of the iconic imagery of the past. Chains and medallions with loads of style are still the “in” item, and might constantly be.

Dr. Dre became hip ended up beings first billionaire very first selling the offering to his headphone company to Apple.

Got your own preferred moments from hip hop history? Let us understand in the comments listed below.

How to Find the Perfect Cuban Link Chain

We also have a breakdown on 5 of our preferred Cuban link chains in the hip hop industry, and were working with more artists to get the exclusive rundown on their first-rate fashion jewelry. Theyre some of the flashiest pieces anywhere, and “pricey” and “custom-made” are two words that fit really well in a conversation on Cuban link chains.

( via pics4world.com) Finding the perfect Cuban link chain can be difficultChallenging In another piece, we discussed some of the challenging company hurdles jewelers have to jump over to get started in the chain service.

Theres a hundred or more factors these chains are a little challenging to search for, however those 2 factors, paired with the amount of large false information out there worldwide, make it difficult to search for the best Cuban link chain.

The good news– it doesnt have to be. Weve assembled a list of things you require to be knowledgeable about if youre itching to strap a Cuban around your neck in the future.

Think about:

If youre asking us about gold and silver, well inform you it depends on a number of things. Buying coins or precious jewelry? You get the point.

When it comes to Cuban link jewelry, theres a little less to consider. Of course, all fashion jewelry must be treated well, and treated as an investment you use on your neck. We, for example, buy back our fashion jewelry from users all the time.

But gold is one of the most expensive metals on the planet, and not everyones budget permits for their jewelry collection to consist of big, flashy gold fashion jewelry. Silver is a best alternative to gold if that explains you. Were not saying anything you dont already understand here, but silvers attractive, valuable, rare, and among the worlds leading materials for making fashion jewelry.

You shouldnt be put off by its worth compared to gold, either. Another factor (besides budget plan) for choosing silver rather of gold: contrast. Theres a great chance youll be combining this fashion jewelry with a spectacular medallion or centerpiece. If thats the case, a silver chain might be more subtle than a gold one, which will permit your medallion to draw and take the program everybodys eyes to it. Dont consider silver as a “next finest thing”– often, it is the best. Style your fashion jewelry appropriately.

( via shopify.com )Of course, some folks simply desire and prefer gold. We cant fault them! Still, however, golds too pricey for some to get their hands on. That does not indicate they cant take pleasure in gold fashion jewelry though. They can take a look at gold plated precious jewelry rather.

With Cuban link chains or rope chains (like what Run DMC made popular), theres a culture component to the concern. Style plays a huge role, and how flashy or expensive the fashion jewelry is might effectively belong of its appeal. For many, this indicates being as much of a showoff as possible, and opting exclusively for gold.

Gold plated precious jewelry is exactly as it sounds– jewelry, typically a typical, resilient metal, plated in a thin layer of real gold. To the inexperienced eye, its the very same stuff, and looks and feels almost identical to complete gold. Weve seen plenty of gold plated chains on the market selling for the exact same cost the pure fashion jewelry should, so theres certainly some things to be on the lookout for here.

You can get your hands on the exact same things your favorite artists have without spending three years income on it. Think of just how much you d save by striving gold plated hollow link fashion jewelry. In appearance, its practically the very same.

If you choose silver, inspect out our guide on keeping it clean.

Search and get a feel for the difference in rates in between the numerous types of fashion jewelry, and you ought to be alright.

How heavy? Solid or hollow links?

Its crucial to trust your dealer if youre purchasing hollow links, as its up to them to inform you how much gold material is actually in a piece. Be extra cautious when shopping around for gold chains.

You also ought to understand that repair work are harder, and often costly, with hollow link fashion jewelry. They need a little bit of labor to keep and produce, so that could equate to some extra costs down the line. It might likewise affect the cost you get for your piece ought to you decide to sell it later down the line.

( by means of gulfcoastgoldandsilverbuyers.com) You may wish to believe about the weight of your jewelry prior to you buy it. This sort of chain can be extremely heavy, specifically if you choose solid gold or silver, and want a big chain.

Consider hollow link chains if youre on a budget plan. Theyre similar to solid link chains, just theres a hollow interior to each of the links. That indicates less metal, which equates to less weight. The precious jewelry, on the other hand, looks simply as excellent as strong link pieces do.


With Cuban link jewelry, equipping and sizing is challenging (which is why you dont see these chains in a lot of show cases) due to the fact that everyone has various tastes when it concerns the size of their jewelry.

(by means of caymancode.com)This is one of the primary reasons behind the markets hesitation to stock Cuban link chains. When you consider Cuban link chains, what comes to mind? Its probably not a small, chincy piece of once-a-year jewelry. You most likely consider huge, flashy, costly precious jewelry not unlike something directly from a music video. Youre totally best to believe that method.

We stock all sizes and dimensions of hip hop precious jewelry. From the sensible to the surreal, weve got what youre searching for.

This makes sizing Cuban link chains something of an uphill struggle. Picture youre a jewelry expert and you wish to enter business of selling hip hop fashion jewelry. How do you tackle equipping your products? Do you equip the remarkably big pieces, like something youve seen Jay-Z or Kevin Hart use? Do you just stock smaller sized, more sensible sizes?

General rule of thumb: the larger the jewelry, the more pricey it is. Thats part of the video game when it comes to fancy precious jewelry. Normally larger precious jewelry is much heavier, too, but as weve seen, designs like hollow link jewelry can assist make this manageable.

How many karats?

That seems ironic– jewelry has to do with pizzazz and flash. It seems strange that the more important the metal is, the less functional it is for showing off.

(by means of ytimg.com) This is another common question buyers have. It uses not just to hip hop fashion jewelry, however all precious jewelry. Our recommendations to purchasers on the number of karats they should choose in their fashion jewelry is typically the same, whichs due to golds homes as a metal.

Without diving too deep into it, know that gold is one of the heaviest metals on Earth. Gold has numerous intriguing residential or commercial properties, and one of those is called malleability. The more pure the gold is, the less ideal it is for fashion jewelry, since its not durable, and becomes broken quickly.

24k gold is the purest gold there is. Usually, bars and other large pieces of gold exist with this level of pureness. Due to the fact that people rarely touch those products, thats. Gold coins are in fact made mainly from other metals, and might have simple gold plating, or X amount of gold present in the metal.

Its truly as much as you the number of karats you d like to have. The less you opt for, the cheaper the fashion jewelry will generally be. The lower the karat number, the more long lasting the jewelry is. The greater, the more pure, but less ideal for fashion jewelry, the gold is.

What you probably desire is something more along the lines of 18k fashion jewelry– still primarily gold, however consists of enough more difficult metals to make the piece wearable, resilient, and strong.

This is done to increase resilience– by blending gold with a much more difficult metal, items like coins can be circulated without stressing over ruining them. The very same uses to your fashion jewelry. You cant have pure 24k gold for precious jewelry. Well, technically, you can, however not for links or pieces that will walk around. Trust us, itll become damaged.

Got your own suggestions?

Gold is one of the most costly metals in the world, and not everyones budget enables for their precious jewelry collection to consist of huge, flashy gold precious jewelry. Gold plated fashion jewelry is exactly as it sounds– jewelry, generally a typical, durable metal, plated in a thin layer of real gold. Weve seen plenty of gold plated chains on the market selling for the very same cost the pure fashion jewelry should, so theres certainly some things to be on the lookout for here.

It uses not just to hip hop precious jewelry, however all jewelry.

When youre hunting for the best hip hop precious jewelry, that must guide you in the best direction. Weve got more guides on the method, and as constantly, we desire to hear from you below.

Generally bigger precious jewelry is heavier, too, but as weve seen, designs like hollow link precious jewelry can assist make this workable.

Why Does My Silver Always Tarnish? It Doesn’t Have To.

Silver has a different market price than gold does. When gold is at $1250, silvers at $15-$ 20. Regardless of the difference in silver, cost and gold have roughly the same labor costs. Its excellent as a bullion financial investment– if youre purchasing the metal alone. If youre buying silver fashion jewelry, theres less of a return on your financial investment. A lot of that pertains to the labor expenses we pointed out, but it also has a lot to do with the method silver tarnishes in time.

< map wp-tag-caption id =" attachment_1207 "align =" alignnone" width =" 770"/ wp-end-tag > (through licdn.com )As far as producing jewelry goes, for every single ten thousand dollars you invest, youll have at least seven thousand dollars worth of gold jewelry. Youll squeeze about $300 worth of real silver out of the deal if you spent 2 grand on silver. It makes good sense when you believe about it. Pretend a jeweler charges a flat rate of $500 to make a piece of fashion jewelry. If you send them both gold and silver for minting, more of that silver will be needed to cover the $500 expense, leaving less remaining for production. You d just need a little amount of gold to spend for $500 of labor, leaving room for more item.

Why Does My Silver Always Tarnish? Silver is almost as popular as gold, and for many of the same factors any of the valuable metals are valuable. Silver has a history thats just as varied as any valuable metals, and it plays a giant role in world economies.

Its also popular for precious jewelry. There are a couple of things to learn about silver, though. Its unique, and a buyers method to using and maintaining their silver should be, too.

Silvers real strength is its visual appeal and its rarity, that makes great for currency, designs, precious jewelry, and so on. As an alternative to spending premiums to own genuine gold, silver works simply great. Weve all seen some good watches and decorations that work well in silver, possibly better than in gold.

Beginning with …

( by means of mostbeautifulthings.net) Keeping it in good condition takes a bit of work. It stains really quickly and requires a fantastic offer of care. Silver appears like white gold when newly-minted, however its simple to lose that shine.

So, for all of our present and future silver fans, heres some helpful information thatll help you keep your silver looking lovely– on your neck, portfolio, or wrist.

1. Soap, cleansing, saltwater, and water chemicals (think about chlorine, bleach, detergents, anything you d wash your skin or clothes with) are excellent for you, but theyre dreadful for silver and can eat away the shiny look of your silver in no time at all.

Great cotton or similar materials are all you ought to bring into contact with your silver. Usage something to clean it down that will not scratch it.

Its a little like tracing paper, which is also fine to use. This ones not so much an upkeep idea as a basic handling suggestion, however do not wear your silver if youre working with your hands, or will be handling contaminants or excess quantities of dirt of any kind. Keep in mind, your silver (or any fashion jewelry, actually) is never more at danger and exposed than when youre wearing it.

5. One of the very best materials for preserving, handling, and (as an included benefit) showing precious jewelry is velour. Its soft, can be found in a wide array of colors, and works for both difficult and soft storage mediums. We specifically suggest a velvet-cased car for your silver if youre moving it to and fro. Another trick you can use with your silver is to slip some silica gel in the container. Its great for absorbing moisture, and itll keep your metal dry.

6. Sulphur is bad for your jewelry, and it speeds up staining. However were not all too accustomed to tracking what items have or produce sulphur, so heres a rule of thumb lots of folks have actually broken: no elastic band. It may appear odd, however consider the reality that individuals do use rubber bands, utilize them to cover precious jewelry cases, and utilize them to secure precious jewelry. This is a dreadful idea! Rubber bands release sulphur when they start to extend and age. This will seep into your silver and ruin its look.

( by means of goldeneaglecoin.com) Seems insane, however its true. You might be guilty of this one yourself. There are a couple of other products you ought to avoid, however most likely bring into contact with your jewelry all the time. Newspapers, leather, silk, and cardboard are a couple of.

7. With summer on the horizon, were going to be discovering our swimming pools pretty soon. If you do so, leave the precious jewelry inside. This is another guideline people break by the millions. No swimming pools, hot tubs, or any chemicals you d handle while preserving a swimming pool. In each case, water and other undesired liquids will gnaw at the fashion jewelry, rendering it dull and less important.

8. Contributing to the list of activities weve all probably participated in to lessen the value of our silver without knowing it– tooth paste! If you wear your precious jewelry when you brush your teeth, youre doing yourself, and the jewelry, a disservice. Tooth paste (and baking soda, if you use that) is far too corrosive to do silver any favors, and itll scratch or taint any metal it enters into contact with. Its really corrosive. Consider how strong it has to be to break down all the materials in our mouths after a day of consuming, drinking, and breathing in dust.

< map wp-tag-caption id="attachment_1249" align="alignnone" width="672"/ wp-end-tag >

(through etimg.com) 9. Little-known reality about tissue paper: it contains wood pulp and little, abrasive particles that help the tissues carry out better while in usage. The majority of people do not understand this, and utilize it to clean their precious jewelry or other rare-earth elements with. Thats something we explicitly prevent, and advise you should, too, since its like taking some very moderate sandpaper to your stock. No good!

10. You have an excellent idea of what circumstances to prevent currently, and can probably envision some other jobs you ought to avoid while using precious jewelry. Still, in the interest of being inclusive, here are a couple of more: gardening, home tasks, sports, cleansing, repair work, laundry, and cooking.

In conclusion

Kept in pristine condition, silver looks a lot like white gold. Follow our tips above, and youll have no concerns keeping that shine.

Silver goes right along with gold for many, in light of their vastly different market worths. As an investment, silver is excellent, so long as youre sticking to bullion and bulk purchases.

Have your own suggestions or experience in keeping your silver tarnish-free? We desire to hear from you!

If youre purchasing silver jewelry, theres less of a return on your investment. If you invested 2 grand on silver, youll squeeze about $300 worth of real silver out of the deal. If you send them both gold and silver for minting, more of that silver will be needed to cover the $500 expense, leaving less leftover for production. Silvers real strength is its aesthetic appeal and its rarity, which makes excellent for currency, designs, fashion jewelry, and the like. Keep in mind, your silver (or any precious jewelry, actually) is never more at danger and exposed than when youre wearing it.