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Jersey City lies just across the Hudson River from Lower Manhattan, making it one of the closest New Jersey cities to New York. As such, it is commonly considered to be a bedroom community for Manhattan commuters. Jersey City has 11 miles of waterfront, and many railway connections; the city serves as an important shipping and transportation hub.

Jersey City’s ideal location and close proximity to New York City has also contributed to the development of its own impressive skyline. Hudson River Walkway Views JCThis includes the Goldman Sachs building, which stands at an impressive 238 meters granting it a distinction as one of the 200 Tallest Buildings in the World. Transportation is readily available here with a 24-hour PATH Train service, the NY/NJ Waterway, the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail system, and major highways such as the NJ Turnpike. Jersey City’s economic sphere is now one of the fastest-growing as Fortune-500 corporations such as Chase Manhattan Bank, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Charles Schwab, and others continue to bring their businesses to our area.

Notwithstanding all the present improvements, Jersey City’s most protected investment is in its actual future – our children. As such, the city is filled with numerous academic institutions. A tribute to higher education, Jersey City is home to the New Jersey City University, Saint Peter’s University, and Hudson County Community College. The University of Phoenix and Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey also have locations within Terracotta Lion’s Head Building Detailthe city.

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