Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Sage Francis – A Healthy Distrust

Ask Chuck D of Public Enemy, and he will tell you among his favorite rap artists is Sage Francis. Not also referred to as other rappers of his day, Sage came to popularity as the winner of the sought after ScribbleJam Fight tournament numerous years in a row. Not as much of an arrogant kid anymore, Sage Francis matured with his sophomore release and focused his laser beam intelligence on bigger than life topics like war, love, death, and solitude.

Recruiting poet Saul Williams for one of the standout tracks “Sea Lion” was a ballsy, yet gorgeous relocation. What is your preferred track? Remark listed below!

Showing a new generation of emcees that its okay to be the smartest man in the space with the most significant heart on your sleeve, which gangster rap is ridiculous, Sage raised his status significantly with the release of A Healthy Distrust.

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