Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Jedi Mind Tricks – Violent By Design

Violent by Design

Seriously, this album is a critical classic that ushered in the brutal age of violent, underground rap at its lyrical peak.

That, and whack emcees.

Remember when hip hop albums had upwards of 20 tracks, with as lots of features? Oh, early 2000s, how I miss you! Maybe no album personifies this period of “underground crew albums” as the sophomore release of Jedi Mind Tricks: Violent By Design. Featuring the ravaging one-two punch of two emcees and the exclusive production of mad genius (and finest name in Hip Hop) Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind. Pillar Vinnie Paz (aka Ikon the Hologram) and on-again-off-again host Jus Allah provide an acerbic barrage versus the White Christian One Percent Establishment.

“Heavenly Divine” is one of the trademark tracks of the underground era. Whats your favorite? Remark listed below!

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