Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Big Punisher – Capital Punishment

Big Pun

Before hip hop denigrated into the mumble rap/trap trash it became today, there existed bigger than life lyrical legends that defined the culture. Chief amongst these were Big Punisher, the Brooklyn based Puerto Rican monster with the fastest tongue on the East Coast. The majority of your so-called “lyrical” rap artists owe at least a piece of their game to this husky voiced (and huskier framed) 400lb emcee.

“Capital Punishment”, the title track, is a trip de force in hip hop storytelling and features an awful story of Puns relative. Whats your preferred track? Comment listed below!

Capital Punishment hit the streets like a freight train, and included the most versatile street-level rap artist considering that Biggie Smalls. Pun smashed the previous stereotype of street rap and brought a spoken acrobatic capability previously unrivaled. Other rap artists could be quicker, sure, however none had the content and the storytelling abilities that Pun gave the table.

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