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Columbia is the fourth most populous city in Missouri and located near the Missouri River. The city, which is in Boone County, is where many popular schools, including Stephens College, Columbia College, and the University of Missouri, are located. The city is also known for the numerous outdoor activities that one can enjoy in the parks and forests in the surrounding area, including Mark Twain National Forest, Big Muddy National Fish and Wildlife Refuge, and Rock Bridge State Park.

As a midwestern college town, the city has a reputation for progressive politics, public art, and powerful journalism. The tripartite establishment of Stephens College (1833), the University of Missouri (1839), and Columbia College (1851) has ever since made the city a center of education, culture, and athletic competition; these three schools surround the city’s central business district to the east, south, and north. At the center of Downtown is 8th Street, also known as the Avenue of the Columns, which connects Francis Quadrangle and Jesse Hall to the Boone County Courthouse and the City Hall. Originally an agricultural town, the cultivation of the mind is Columbia’s chief economic concern today. Never a major center of manufacturing, the city also depends on healthcare, insurance, and technology businesses. Several companies, such as Shelter Insurance, Carfax, and Slackers CDs and Games, were founded in the city. Cultural institutions include the State Historical Society of Missouri, the Museum of Art and Archaeology, and the annual True/False Film Festival. The Missouri Tigers, the state’s only major college athletic program, play football at Faurot Field and basketball at Mizzou Arena as members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

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Columbia is noted for its growing arts and culture scene. The city has many museums including the Museum of Art and Archaeology. This museum has over 14,000 objects spanning from Roman and Greek artifacts to current American artwork that are all completely free for visitors to enjoy. The city is also home to the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts, which is the only pre-Depression movie palace remaining in the city. Here, guests can enjoy performances by the Missouri Symphony Orchestra, as well as ballets, ice shows, and musicals.

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