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Cambridge is a city in Massachusetts, across the Charles River from Boston. It’s home to Harvard University. At the heart of campus, grassy Harvard Yard is anchored by the neoclassical Widener Library. Harvard Square has cafes, bars and bookstores. The Harvard Art Museums comprise the Fogg, Busch-Reisinger and Arthur M. Sackler collections. Southeast is the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, was developed in 1630 by a crew of 700 Puritans. These passengers left England and set sail for the new world, eventually settling upon the area due to its easily defensible positions surrounding Massachusetts Bay. The region became an iconic part of the early days of America.

By 1631, the Puritans’ village had already been fortified. That same location is the exact spot where Harvard Square is located. Over time, Cambridge thrived as a farming community. Its profile was elevated when Boston became the capital of the new colony. And its role as one of the key cities of the American Revolution was cemented in 1775 when George Washington arrived in the area. His commandeering the local militia at Cambridge Common is remembered as the foundation of the United States Army.

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Obviously, Harvard University is the linchpin of Cambridge, but the crown jewel of the Ivy League is not the only internationally acclaimed center for higher learning in the area. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also based in Cambridge. Radcliffe College was also located in Cambridge before it eventually fully integrated with Harvard in 1999. Simply stated, Cambridge is one of the best educational cities in the country.

The population of Cambridge was recorded as 105,162, making it one of the five most populous cities in Massachusetts. Given its erudite multi-college atmosphere and proximity to Boston, and being one of the 20 largest cities in America, Cambridge offers a thriving culture, as well as an active jewelry marketplace. Read on to learn more about buying necklaces in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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As is ordinarily the case with college towns near major cities, Cambridge and the surrounding area has a number of Cuban link chains and men’s gold necklaces shops.