Mark Wahlberg Reveals Some Interesting Information About Hip-Hop

The man has a point.

Mark Wahlberg

Consulting with BET ahead of the release of Transformers: The Last Knight, Mark Wahlberg exposed details that show he hasnt forgotten his roots. The previous Marky Mark of the Funky Bunch dove into his iPhone to reveal not simply who had an irreversible put on it, but who his preferred rappers these days and all time are.

Specifying that “there are so lots of I love from my age” he listed out Kool G Rap, Rakim, Tupac, Nas, and Jay Z in specific. He likewise pointed out that “Eminem is wonderful.” In specific while he liked to view old YouTube video of Kool G, it was 2 albums in particular that had a permanent location on his phone.

Mentioning that only 2 whole rap albums remain on his phone he called them as “Jay Z and Kanye, Watch the Throne” and “Tupacs biggest hits.”

When discussing his preferred rap artists he specified that it was a “actually difficult concern” which there were “so lots of that I enjoy from my age.” He stated that the list of who he enjoyed simply “goes on and on.” He specified that he has a difficult time as he has a “love for a lot of other rappers” but admitted to listening to music “like Adele due to the fact that Im not a great leaflet.”

He also made jokes about including on a song, stating that, “Im going to have to talk with DJ Khaled about that.” Previously, Wahlberg has actually been dropping cryptic tips about dealing with the mega-producer:

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