Sandy Springs, GA

Sandy Springs is a new city with a long history. The city wasn’t incorporated until late 2005; before that, it was considered a rural area despite its sizable population. In fact, it is the third-largest city in the U.S. ever to be incorporated. Before that memorable milestone, Sandy Springs fought annexation by neighboring Atlanta on several occasions.

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Incorporated in 2005, Sandy Springs is Georgia’s sixth largest city in Georgia and the second largest city in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

Efforts to incorporate Sandy Springs began in 1966, in response to attempts by the city of Atlanta to annex this unincorporated area of North Fulton County. Sandy Springs residents, led by Eva Galambos, fought for 40 years to obtain their own government. In June 2005, an overwhelming 94 percent of residents voted for incorporation. Shortly afterwards, voters returned to the polls selecting Galambos as the City’s first mayor.

Prior to 2005, residents relied upon a large, traditionally modeled county government for the provision of services, which residents felt did not adequately meet their needs. These challenges formed the basis for desiring a streamlined government physically closer to constituents and responsive to community desires. Sandy Springs initiated a non-traditional approach by operating as a Public Private Partnership (PPP), with nearly half of City staff employed by a private company. In 2010, the City undertook a comprehensive procurement process to rebid all general city services, resulting in multiple providers, providing considerable savings and higher levels of service for the City.

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