Five Top Tips For When Your Gemstone Breaks

Working with gemstones can be difficult but fulfilling. When a gems breaks it can be among the most discouraging things ever! Do not stress, nearly every jeweller has been there, and a damaged gems doesnt need to imply a wasted piece.

Here are 5 top pointers to take advantage of a gemstone even if it breaks

Resetting the stones


Taking inspiration from the Japanese viewpoint of creating and welcoming flaws something of much more worth, why not make a function of the broken gems by gluing the fracture back together and after that applying gold leaf along the fracture. This makes it a lot more unique and beautiful.

Remove the gemstone pieces from their setting and reset as two different gemstones. Either utilizing claw settings or (depending upon the type of break and the shapes of the broken stones), bezel settings. You could then attach the settings to call shanks or turn them into pendants. Typically, you can still utilize your initial style, simply with your new different-shaped gemstone.

Remodel the gems into an inlay

Wire wrapping

This is ideal if the broken gemstone pieces are relatively large. Using wire wrapping methods, wrap the gemstone pieces, making a loop at the top to act as a bail. You might even make the 2 separate gemstone pieces into a set of matching gems earrings!

If your gems is currently set in a bezel, the fracture frequently wont affect the security of the setting. The appeal of handmade jewellery is that it is unique and visibly handcrafted; mistakes happen however this doesnt imply that the outcome is any less beautiful than your initial design.

Gently crush the gemstones into lots of tiny pieces. Using resin and the gemstone chips, inlay them into a somewhat recessed form. This might work particularly well for stepped ring bands.

Accept it!

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Elizabeth is a silversmith and trainee whose works are inspired by the ancient art and methods of Classical Antiquity, which she studies as an undergrad. Her practice centres on unique ready-to-wear and bespoke pieces and seeks to produce jewellery as sustainably and morally as possible.

Get rid of the gems pieces from their setting and reset as 2 separate gemstones. Gently squash the gemstones into lots of small pieces. Using wire wrapping techniques, wrap the gems pieces, making a loop at the top to act as a bail. You might even make the two separate gemstone pieces into a pair of matching gemstone earrings!

Dont worry, almost every jeweller has actually been there, and a damaged gemstone does not have to suggest a wasted piece.

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