Featured Chain 2: Cam’ron

Featured Chain 2: Cam’ron


by means of http://thesource.com Representing the infamous globe in the

movie Scarface, Cam rons Globe Chain is an icon in hip hop. Combined with the rest of Camrons ice, the chain represents$75,000 hanging on his neck. The Globe itself is absolutely nothing however genuine diamonds. The story behind the Globe is fascinating as it initially was not being produced Cam ron however for an unnamed football player. When the player decided that the Globe was too large, Gabriel Jacobs team at Rafaello & Co. included custom-made work and presented it to Camron. With the addition to the HARLEM WORLD writing surrounding the world, it became a part of hip hop history. The Globe itself is likewise well-known for being battery operated, and completely operational. This was a first for hip hop jewelry, and is seen in pieces used by Chris Brown and others today. In a race versus who had the finest ice, Cam ron won with a piece that was more than just a huge block of ice.

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