Featured Chain 10 – Method Man, II

Meth has actually had multiple variations for the upside down Wu for several years, and looking for pictures of it proves that something its not the material, or the bling, or the ice, and even the chain that it holds on. Its the male, and the design that makes it unique.

What do you think about Method Mans Upside Down Wu-Chain? Share this short article, and let us know in the comments.

Oh, and also having each lavishly developed piece being worth thousands, upon thousands of dollars.

Method Man has already appeared on this list, and he truly appears on it again with a chain that is hip hop history: the Upside Down Wu-Chain. “You could never ever record the Method Mans stature, for rhyme and for rapture” he when famously rapped, and the solid gold chain is simply that. Strong gold. Really little ice. A minimum of for the original chain.

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