Designer of the Month – Trisha Wood

I am a self taught artist which changed into painting and making jewellery. I make memorial jewellery. Making them specifically developed not simply an ashes jewellery piece.

Let us know a bit about yourself, detailing your background, study and training in the jewellery making market.

Jewellery maker Trisha Wood takes her motivation from the sea in her creations, which include tiny gems, crystals, enamel and resin in a modern and elegant design. Discover more about this months Designer of the Month listed below

Tell us about your work– are there any particular products or methods that you favour?

I use a great deal of tiny gems and crystals to improve the colours of the enamel, amethyst being the most popular then finishing of with high gloss resin.

I work primarily with silver and I like working with enamel. I like the way it lets you know how it wishes to end up!

How would you best explain your design style?

I explain my designs as stylish and modern.

Where do you like to get your inspiration from for your pieces?

I get my inspirations from my energy healing. I utilize the chakra colours as inspiration plus an excellent love of nature. I resonate with sea and majority of my work is coloured aqua blue

Do you have a piece that you have made which you favour or are especially proud of?

I enjoy it. It turned out just as how I imagined. A true statement piece full of my character!

I created a 4 setting charming heavy modern ring. I desired to make something where I might include all my preferred colours in one piece and deal to my memorial clients something more custom and modern than the very same choice across the web for ashes jewellery.

What is the one product in your jewellery making workshop that you could not live without?

May surprise some people however my mini spirit level! Dealing with resin I am careful about it setting even and level. I use it every day.

What approaching trends do you see being popular soon?

I have actually seen an increase in ashes being imbedded into silver whilst in the making process. Offers a mottled impact with the ended up piece, more discrete and extremely efficient. Plumes are a popular demand too. A reassuring message from a loved one

What is the most valuable lesson you have gained from your time in the jewellery making market?

If a customer needs something the other day, that is their absence of timing, not mine!.

Most significantly trust my gut impulse too. Time and perseverance is essential in our field, somethings simply can not be hurried.

My most important lesson whilst making is patience. I am a dreadful prodder! Enamel and Resin can not be rushed.

Do you have any specific suggestions that you would provide to up and coming jewellery designers, or somebody thinking about getting into jewellery making?

Guidance I would provide to someone thinking of entering jewellery is be real to yourself, be yourself. Follow your enthusiasm. Be client and practice loads!

Time for a bit of enjoyable in our quick-fire round!

Inform us your favourite …

Colour– Aqua BlueBiscuit– Anything by Fox sDrink– Coffee, by the gallon … Place– Anywhere in natureAnimal– Dogs. Any animal.Gemstone– AmethystFood– GreekSport– AthleticsCity– London

Many thanks to Trisha for being our Designer of the Month this month and for sharing this details

For more details on Trishas work, you can visit site, or feel complimentary to inspect out her Instagram page.

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