Create a Spider Pendant by Janet Dwyer Jewellery Design

Add some lovely gems and Halloween fun to your jewellery collection with this easy to follow step by action spider pendant tutorial by Janet Dwyer Jewellery Design

Materials needed:

Black Agate Semi Precious Round Beads 8mm 16 ″/ 40cm Strand

Silver Plated Head Pins 50mm Pack of 50.

Cut the wire at the back of the pendant leaving a small excess.

Thread on the 4 x lengths of wire from Step one and a 4mm silver plated bead.

Silver Plated Jump Ring Oval 6mm Pack of 100.

Step 5.

( 1) Wrap one wire around the other as shown. (2) Use flat nose pliers to close the wrap and press in any sharp ends. (3) Make a loop with the remaining wire using round nose pliers. (4 ) Your heart should look now like this. How to Make a Gemstone Drop.

How to Assemble your Pendant.

Action 2.

Beadalon Artistic Wire 22 Gauge Silver Plated 0.64 mm X 9.1 m– approx. 10cms x 4

Xuron Wire Flush Cutters.

How to end up off.

You now have all components to assemble your pendant.

Silver Plated Plain Round Beads 4.0 mm 2 Hole Pack of 50.

Action 3.

Close the bend with flat nose pliers.

Make a bend in each wire as revealed one to the side and one directly down.

Step 17.

Action 19.

Step 20.

Add an 8mm gems to a headpin and turn a loop using round nose pliers.

Action 6.

Step 4.

Place the spider over your heart pendant in the position you want.

How to Make a Wire Heart.

Step 16.

Wrap each wire around the heart frame twice as shown.

Step 1.

Wrap the wire around the 4mm bead as you carried out in Step 2. Your spider is now total and ready to contribute to your pendant later.

Step 7.

Step 18.

Plastic Ring Stick.

Beadalon Artistic Wire 18 Gauge Silver Plated 1.0 mm X 6.1 m– approx. 14cms

Beadalon Artistic Wire 20 Gauge Silver Plated 0.81 mm X 7.6 m– approx. 12cms

Action 12.

Step 8.

To make a spider you will need: 4 x 10cms 0.64 mm wire, 1 x 12cms 0.81 mm wire, 1 x 14cms 1.00 mm wire, 1 x 8mm gems and 1 x 4mm silver plated bead.

Tools needs:.

Step 11.

Shape each wire around a mandrel as shown. If needed), (a ring mandrel is best for this as it enables you to make various sizes.

Step 10.

Utilizing flat nose pliers cover the excess around the wire to finish off.

Round Nose Pliers.

Lots of thanks to Jan for producing this ace tutorial for us.

Step 9.

You must now have a heart shape. Place the spider onto the heart to make sure the size is proper.

Your pendant needs to now look like this.

Add the gemstone drops to the loop on the pendant, add a dive ring and chain, your pendant is now complete.

Step 13.

Take each length of 0.64 mm wire and twist around the 0.81 mm wire as shown to create a loop in the middle of the length.

Step 15.

How to Make a Gemstone Spider.

Action 14.

Xuron Short Flat Nose Pliers.

( 1) Add an 8mm gems to the 0.81 mm wire.( 2) Wrap the wire around the gems as revealed.

See more jewellery making tutorials.

Make a bend in the middle of the 1.0 mm wire.

Silver Plated 2.3 mm Trace Chain 18 ″/ 45cm.

Turn the wire around and hold in flat nose pliers so you can separate the strands in opposite instructions as revealed.


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