Case Antiques Auction Set For January 30th & 31st, 2021 825670622 173 It’s a new year and I’m excited that I made a few New Year’s resolutions — — one in particular includes being more proactive with precious jewelry auctions. What better way to put this thought into action than the Case Antiques Auction that is showing up later this month. It is the very first auction of the year on my precious jewelry calendar and Case Antiques constantly knocks it out of the park with their selection of gems (and many other classifications like art and design, which have me vying to refurnish my house whenever I check out their auction catalog). I have actually numerous things conserved to bid on and wanted to show you my leading picks in the jewelry category. Luckily for me, Case Antiques is a regional auction home, as they have an office here in Nashville, so often I’m graced by an auction sneak peek I get to view personally…… nevertheless COVID times have detered auction viewings too, among other things. The sale will occur in Knoxville, TN and online, where you can bid by means of LiveAuctioneers or Invaluable. Take a look at my picks listed below and be sure to sign up to bid — — this Winter Auction is happening January 30th & & 31st, 2021 and yes, it is a two-day event! I am registered through LiveAuctioneers and can recommend doing things that way. In 2015, Case Antiques had an auction around the exact same time and I bid and won a single lot of several rings, one in particular that is one of my favorites in my collection — — a lavender jade and onyx piece. So special. Lot 31: This very first lot to make me say”wow”is this beautiful diamond brooch. My eyes instantly jumped to the main old mine cut diamond and I quickly might picture it being endured a winter season coat or hat. The overall diamond weight is approximately 3.13 carats, so you understand it loads a punch! I like the notation included into the auction listing that specifies the center old mine diamond dates back to 1850 and has actually been given through the consigning household. What a treasure. Estimate: $3600-4000 Lot 32: If there’s anything at all obtained from this past year, it’s that we need to be glad for what we currently have. However then I see things like this significant solitaire diamond and I can’t assist however dream of huge diamonds! This ring currently has the simpleness I’m yearning, with its four-prong mounting in white gold. The standout is the unbelievable 2.93 carat center stone, which has a clearness of VS-2 and color of J (GIA cert) so you know it is as sparkly as ever! Price quote: $12k-14k Lot 37: I couldn’t pass by this piece without putting it on my list of favorites due to the fact that it advises me of a holiday ornament in the best method possible. I like the mix of ruby, sapphire and diamonds, with a splash of emeralds…… in addition to the horizontal style. The piece is signed by its maker, Krypell and carried out in 18k yellow gold. Do not you simply enjoy it ?! Estimate: $3000-4000 Lot 39: Sticking with the diamond fixation, I wished to highlight this ring due to the fact that I’ve lastly come around to loving emerald cuts. It took me some time, but I’m here for them now! The trick to a lovely one depends on a mixture of its cut, clarity and length-width ratio. I neglected color actively since I really do not care about color. This ring is a significant 3.19 carats (!!) and the clarity is SI-2 with an L for color. I bet it looks sensational when used! Price quote: $5800-6200 Lot 40: If you’ve been concealing under a rock for the previous several months, you might not understand that domed rings are one of the biggest trends. This trend is entirely depicted in this ring — — a huge, juicy center stone (in this case a sapphire), a domed design, all set in rich and buttery yellow gold. What sets this piece apart are the unique pear-shaped diamonds flanking the center stone. An uncommon gem cut for side stones, and both equally big. I enjoy this ring! Estimate: $7200-7800 Lot 252: Since having my kid, I’ve been obsessed with emeralds (that’s his birthstone). This one is genuinely special, being over 2.50 carats and such a hypnotizing forest green color. I like the simple setting since it allows the stone to be the focus and can quickly be worn every day. The setting is 14k yellow gold. Estimate: $2200-2400 Lot 483: Something about this ring screams Ice Queen! I like an excellent aquamarine, and this ring includes an impeccable one that’s roughly 10 carats. Again, a simple setting is what has my attention recently, it simply sets the stone up for sparkle. The ring is presently a size 8 1/2 and another good idea about basic settings is the ease of sizing, so this can quickly go up or down several sizes if required. Price quote: $1400-1600 Lot 493: I’m grateful this auction has some choices to add to your pendant stack, since that has been a big focus for me this year. When I check out that this piece is a woven mesh, I needed to zoom in to see the great details. I love the complexity of a mesh locket and this one is top notch. The clasp has a stunning hidden information — — a cabochon cut sapphire. I advise you to take a look at the focused detail on this piece! Price quote: $1000-1200 Lot 503: This lot appears like a picture from my personal fashion jewelry collection! I like a good gemstone solitaire pendant and the range here is unbeatable. You have 5 different pendants, all actually beautiful gems…… like fire agate, malachite, amethyst and topaz. This would be a great lot to purchase if you’re starting out your great precious jewelry collection. It can likewise be an excellent one to purchase and present to five various people — — one quote, five presents! As you can tell I’m already trying to prepare gift-giving for next year, so I’m much better prepared this time! Quote: $750-850 Lot 839: I wanted to include this ring — in my top — choices due to the fact that this period — 60s/70s — is among my favorites and one I’ve been gathering recently. I love the geometric style and boldness of this ring. The gemstone is a smoky quartz, which I feel like I can never find any longer. Brown, tan and neutral are leading trending colors in style, and I can quickly see this ring being versatile and complementary to so many outfits. Estimate: $600-800 Lot 843: The final choice of mine is this diamond dinner ring. I had a few comparable ones go through my possession prior to discovering a new home, but I constantly return to this style and continuously prepared to own one once again. The black enamel detailing is what sets this apart from others I’ve seen. The diamonds total 0.86 carats and looks like it is in remarkable condition! Quote: $650-850 This sponsored post was given you in cooperation with Case Auctions The post Case Antiques Auction Set For January 30th & 31st, 2021 appeared initially on Gem Gossip – Jewelry Blog.

Its a new year and Im pleased that I made a couple of New Years resolutions — — — — one in specific includes being more proactive with valuable jewelry auctions. What better method to put this thought into action than the Case Antiques Auction that is turning up later this month. It is the first auction of the year
The post Case Antiques Auction Set For January 30th & & & & 31st, 2021 appeared initially on Gem Gossip – Jewelry Blog.