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Richmond, California, is part of a conglomerate of cities that comprise the surrounding hub of San Francisco. Richmond is a part of Contra Costa County, but its historical significance vastly exceeds any discussion of its locality.

The lands where Richmond is positioned were settled by an indigenous people approximately 5,000 years ago. That tribe, the Ohlone Indians, was among the earliest known cultures in the United States. These people were a society of travelers who impressively settled more than 50 landholdings.

In 1849, Edmund Randolph became the first representative from San Francisco at the California legislature. A native of Richmond, Virginia, he successfully lobbied this early council to name a region outside of San Francisco in honor of his hometown. More than 50 years later, Richmond was incorporated with the name that Randolph had requested.

During its genesis, Richmond became a fascinating location due to its odd combination of industry and wine vineyards. Standard Oil based its West Coast operations in Richmond in 1901, and vestiges of this business remain to this day. Similarly, Richmond claimed the title of “largest vineyard in the world” prior to the introduction of Prohibition in 1919. Neither of these circumstances would have been possible if not for the town being the terminus of the legendary Santa Fe railroad, which brought all types of industry to Richmond’s border.

As of the 2010 census, Richmond claims a population of 103,701. Since its border is only 17 miles away from the outer boundary of San Francisco, Richmond offers all of the opportunities of a major urban lifestyle with less of the overhead. If you plan to visit Richmond, let Bullion Trading LLC guide you through some of the popular Cuban link chains and men’s gold necklaces shops in the area.

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Local necklaces shops in Richmond, California

Despite its size, the city of Richmond is not overrun with necklaces retailers. In fact, a necklaces buyer will probably have to trek outside the city border to find a business that will satisfy your needs. Listed below are some of the popular necklaces shops in the greater Richmond area.