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Fremont is a city in Alameda County, California, United States. It was incorporated on January 23, 1956, from the merger of five smaller communities: Centerville, Niles, Irvington, Mission San Jose, and Warm Springs. The city is named after American explorer John Charles Frémont.

Located on the southeast side of the San Francisco Bay, Fremont is a city of over 230,000 people with an area of 90-square miles, making it the fourth most populous city in the Bay Area and California’s 15th largest city. Fremont is located within Alameda County.

With its moderate climate and its proximity to major universities, shopping areas, recreation and cultural activities, employment centers, major airports, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit system, Fremont captures metropolitan living at its best.

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The area consisting of Fremont, Newark (an enclave of Fremont), and Union City (formed from the communities of Alvarado and Decoto), is now known as the Tri-City Area. Fremont is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the Bay Area. Our residents are highly educated with high-paying jobs in a variety of business sectors.

The Northern California city of Fremont was formed in 1956 from the merger of five smaller communities: Irvington, Mission San Jose, Warm Springs, Niles, and Centerville. Charlie Chaplin made his first films in the Fremont area then known as Niles. Located primarily in the East Bay region, Fremont is known for its closeness to Silicon Valley, and is home to many technology firms. The Fremont area also has many necklaces shop.

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