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Located 13 miles southwest of Los Angeles, Downey is actually the birthplace of the Apollo Space Program and was named after California’s youngest governor, John Gately Downey. For fast food enthusiasts, Downey was also the site of the first Taco Bell in the world and is still the home to world’s oldest McDonald’s.

We are home to where the Apollo Space Program began its journey to the stars. Downey is where you can find the world’s oldest McDonalds restaurant and the site of the first Taco Bell eatery. This is the city where the pop recording artists “The Carpenters” were inspired with many hit records. Today, our city is admired for its strong retail base with quality housing.

Downey is a unique community in the heart of Southern California that combines the best of both large and small. We are an active city of 110,000 with a small town atmosphere. This is a place of pride, history, involvement, and community. We are highly recognized for our centralized location, top medical facilities, quality residential neighborhoods and schools, excellent golf courses, and an unmatched family lifestyle. In fact, Downey has been rated in the top 25{5ef4f1494335cdf1c6713dc81e34bf8b01c1908fcb47b6adc339d702c3a163dc} of “100 Best Cities To Do Business in California” by California Business Magazine. Downey’s winning formula can be the key to your business success or family lifestyle. Come discover Downey, the place where America began its journey to the stars.

With a population of roughly 112,000 residents, Downey offers Southern California residents a reprieve from the traffic and hectic pace of nearby Los Angeles while offering easy access to big city amenities. Downey also offers residents an abundance of shopping options, and the city is known for its boutique retailers, commercial outlets, and mom-and-pop storefronts.

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Downey, California Cuban link chains sale

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