Featured Chain 11 – Fabolous

Only somebody that is a true baller might get away with something so outrageous, with is what Fabolous did. If you want individuals to purchase into your clothes line, this is the method to catch them, and keep people talking.

You can go classy, and fresh, developing something distinct. Fabolous went the 2nd path, and he went renowned because of it. Creating a diamond studded, Cuban chain holding, white and yellow gold monstrosity Fabolous embedded his Rich Yung line in infamy.

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Featured Chain 9 – Beanie

When people talk about the finest chains representing the very best labels, names like Rocafella, No Limit, Death Row, and Dipset get tossed around. When the kids are done talking, the real icons begin gradually letting everyone know they need to not be forgotten.

Get In State Property, as hung around the neck of Beanie Sigel. You might believe youre hard, but then when you have 18k gold hanging around your neck on an equally ice chain you do not have to guess. Everybody understands youre hard.

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Beanie went the path of simple sophistication on this $35,000 chain, representing his label in State Property. Its insane, and its famous.

Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels

It’s hard to not nod your head to “36′ chain,” our favorite track.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run_the_Jewels_(album)#/ media/File: Run_the_jewels_ep_album_cover. jpg Its tough to not nod your head to”36chain”, our preferred track. Whats yours? Remark listed below!

Mining the very same gold vein they tapped in their very first partnership, this album debuted to near universal praise and relaunched the names of these underground stalwarts into the modern-day rap zeitgeist. Simultaneously political, farcical, tongue-in-check, and irreverent, RTJ cemented their area in hip hop right out of the gate.

Underground messiah El-P, formerly of Company Flow and one-time CEO of Def Jux Records (home to NY pillars Aesop Rock and Cannibal Ox) was an already established legend in the hip hop neighborhood. The chemistry was indisputable when he satisfied Dungeon Family stepchild and rap beast Killer Mike and produced an album for him. Go into the freshman album that redefined independent promo: Run The Jewels.

Most Influential Rap Albums Of All Time: Outkast – Aquemini

Starting off our list of hip-hop’s most influential albums.


the release of several albums predestined to resonate and specify the careers of their creators. Maybe no album defied convention more than Atlanta duo Outkasts third studio album: Aquemini. At the same time a synth-slathered love letter to P-Funk, Black Pride and the Southern way of life, and yet likewise a fully grown chastisement of pointless gangster proclivities, Aquemini specified the noise that was to flourish out of Georgia for decades to come. An auteur look at the development of emcees Andre 3000 Benjamin and Antwan Big Boi Patton, this album has gone on to influence numerous, and even contemporary acts such as Run The Jewels stem from the family tree first set down by these Dungeon Family elders. We are especially keen on “Synthesizer”, which was
the standout track to you? Remark listed below!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquemini#/media/File:AqueminiOutKast.jpg 1998 was another banner year for hip-hop as it saw

Featured Chain 5: The Game

Featured Chain 5: The Game

Jeweler Ben Baller relates that on the smaller sized name plate”we laser inscribed The Documentary” and that on the larger one “The Devils Advocate”was inscribed. The Game had the pieces developed because he was rapping about the pieces on his quickly to drop album Devils Advocate. He didnt wish to be rapping about ice that he didnt actually own.

There are some hip hop chains that are renowned
simply merely to their simplicitySimpleness their lack of subtlety, and the message they put across. The Game made his name iconic with his huge double “The Game “chains. Both chains are heavy, and both chains hold an excellent quantity of ice.

Watch Diddy’s ‘Black Excellence’ Short Film Featuring JAY-Z

This is huge!

The legacy of both of the moguls has spread throughout the game today, with their touches extended far beyond their simple starts. The fact that theyre formed a relationship then should come as not a surprise to anyone that has actually been paying attention.

Therefore sets the stage for a brief clip recently unveiled by Diddy entitled “Black Excellence A Short Film: Whats Better Than One Billionaire? Two.”

Consisted of in the short film are brief cameos of French Montana, Jaden Smith, 2 Chainz, and DJ Khaled. The score is mix of Jay-Zs “Legacy,” Biggies “Hustlers Story,” and Cheryl Lynns “Got To Be Real.”

The clip shines a short-lived light on the friendship between the 2, lifting the curtain on a series of meetings held throughout Grammy Weekend. It goes behind the scenes at the Roc Nation Brunch, before shifting focus to a similar take a look at Diddys Grammy After-Party.

The movie highlights leading to bottom the empires created between the 2. Showing the alcohols that they sell, the Grammys that theyve received, the homes that they own, the crews that theyve collected, and more. Its typically been sold that “money shouts, while wealth whispers.” The short film reveals that the two moguls have reached the point where they do not require to scream any longer. Since thats who they are, they do not whisper.

There are exactly 2 figures in hip-hop that need no intro: Diddy and Jay-Z. When you put the both of them together, you get true power focused in a room that other rap artists can only pretend to have.

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The film highlights leading to bottom the empires created between the two. Showing the liquors that they sell, the Grammys that theyve received, the homes that they own, the teams that theyve collected, and more. The short film shows that the 2 magnates have actually reached the point where they dont need to scream any longer.

YFN Lucci Iced-Out Chains

That’s damn impressive.

Publishing directly to his Instagram account, the Atlanta rap artist shared the newest additions to his collection in the kind of 2 videos. The bling, decadent iced-out chains with his name YFN as the diamond entrusted centerpiece, can be found in varying sizes and colors. Lucci, most just recently heard on Young Scooters track “Hustlin” clearly went hard in these custom pieces.

Hip hop is to iced-out chains and water is to damp. YFN Lucci has copped some impressive chains that he showed off to the world on his Instagram.

Inspect them out in this video below:

WE ABOUT TO FUCK SHIT UP #YFNBCTIG A post shared by I_AM_LUCCI (@yfnlucci) on Jul 15, 2017 at 6:15 pm PDT

The seven different chains, all varying in size and color, were accompanied by a tune letting Luccis followers know he got the key and the money to the streets. With ice like that, its impossible not to think so. Its possible that Lucci was striking back at XXL for not being consisted of on the 2017 XXL Freshman list. Time will tell who has the ultimate victory.

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Featured Chain 3: Ghostface Killah

Featured Chain 3: Ghostface Killah

Maybe nothing summarize the excesses of hip hop chains much better than one that was celebrated in an action figure. Ghostface Killah, among the core members of the hip hop shaolin warriors of the Wu Tang Clan, had a chain that was so large it could not be included on just his neck. Combining a supper plate sized Versace Medallion hanging short on his neck, with an Eagle Bracelet on his wrist Ghostface dared the world to top him. Continuously referenced in his tunes, Ghostface would ultimately celebrate the $75,000 worth of gold in his infamous action figure:

via http://images.complex.com The plate itself deserved over$40,000, with
the other $35,000 contained in the chain. This isnt even speaking about the worth of the golden eagle. The chain itself had a bad ending, as it was ultimately taken by a janitor. Ghostface would ultimately replace the plate with another infamous chain, but nothing could come close to topping the initial.

DMX Freestyles About His Tax Problems With the IRS Outside of NYC Courthouse


The United States Attorneys Office claims that DMX, real name Earl Simmons, has been part of a scheme to dodge paying his taxes going back years. According to DMX he just made $10,000 for one of the years, and “unknown” for the other two.

” We dont stress with Murray, he get you outta jail in a rush,” X started, referring to his trial attorney Murray Richman, “When the federal government trying to bury you, you good – early!”

Even though hes dealing with down the legal barrel, DMX still has time to drop sick rhymes outside of the courthouse. Regardless of dealing with charges for tax evasion, DMX remains positive in spite of any case the government may have versus him. He displayed his mindset by dropping a fast freestyle applauding his legal representative beyond his most current day in court.

The charges that X deals with carry a prospective sentence of over 40 years in prison. When DMX turned himself in recently, commenters on twitter kept in mind the prospective fun that might be had with the scenario and his well known lyrics:

Regardless of the possibility of going to jail over his charges, DMX is presently scheduled to begin a 10 date Ruff Ryders 20th Anniversary Reunion tour. X is set to be joined by Eve, Swizz Beatz, Fat Joe, and more.


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Even though hes facing down the legal barrel, DMX still has time to drop ill rhymes outside of the court house. Regardless of dealing with charges for tax evasion, DMX stays positive in spite of any case the government might have versus him. The United States Attorneys Office declares that DMX, genuine name Earl Simmons, has actually been part of a plan to dodge paying his taxes going back years.

Featured Chain 2: Cam’ron

Featured Chain 2: Cam’ron

by means of http://thesource.com Representing the infamous globe in the

movie Scarface, Cam rons Globe Chain is an icon in hip hop. Combined with the rest of Camrons ice, the chain represents$75,000 hanging on his neck. The Globe itself is absolutely nothing however genuine diamonds. The story behind the Globe is fascinating as it initially was not being produced Cam ron however for an unnamed football player. When the player decided that the Globe was too large, Gabriel Jacobs team at Rafaello & Co. included custom-made work and presented it to Camron. With the addition to the HARLEM WORLD writing surrounding the world, it became a part of hip hop history. The Globe itself is likewise well-known for being battery operated, and completely operational. This was a first for hip hop jewelry, and is seen in pieces used by Chris Brown and others today. In a race versus who had the finest ice, Cam ron won with a piece that was more than just a huge block of ice.