About Us

Almost 40 years ago, we started Kahan Jewelry, a precious metal refinery in the heart of New York City. At the request of customers seeking an online destination for purchasing precious metals in an environment focused on security and service, we stepped up to the plate and formed BullionTradingLLC.com.

Since then, we’ve built our reputation as New York City’s premier expert precious metal dealers and traders. For over 35 years, Bullion Trading, LLC. has dealt to some of the biggest casters and manufacturers in the jewelry industry. Thanks to the Internet, Bullion Trading, LLC. has gone global — working with gold and precious metal aficionados and enthusiasts all over the world. Whether you’re a newly-minted hobbyist looking to expand your collection, or a hardened investor, Bullion Trading, LLC. is the leading authority on all things precious metal.

Demand for Miami-style hip-hop jewelry like Cuban link chains has skyrocketed in recent years. During that same time, over 50{5ef4f1494335cdf1c6713dc81e34bf8b01c1908fcb47b6adc339d702c3a163dc} of independent jewelers in America closed their doors. Most who remain in business don’t want to risk stocking high-cost jewelry. That’s all made things very tough on buyers.

With so many jewelers, customers, and hip hop aficionados looking for a safe, trusted, and transparent destination for their hip hop jewelry needs, Bullion Trading, LLC. has once again stepped up to the plate.

We’re teaming up directly with retailers, artists, manufacturers, and everyone inbetween to remove the hassle of buying, selling, and styling your Cuban link chains.

Utilizing Bullion Trading, LLC.’s world-class infrastructure and never ending dedication to complete customer satisfaction, we’re bringing the finest hip hop jewelry in the world straight to you.

Browse our selection if you’re looking for your own chains. If you’re a retailer, let us know about your store here — we want to put you on our map!